A great, great gift to sit at this table together. A man. A woman. A school boy. A blue-eyed boy. A little girl who prays.

Roast chicken is on our plates, and sugared sweet potatoes. Buttered corn and peas, and coleslaw with garden ingredients.

We have ice water, and a matched set of plates. Enough silverware to go round, and then some. We sit in warmth, watching the wind and wet outside.

We talk about little bits of nothing—the exciting science test coming up tomorrow, what we’ll do this evening, what the littlest said.

Among us all, none is ill or scarred or maimed or weak or afraid.

We fill our plates, and empty them again.

How can I ever take this for granted?

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11 years ago

I like your reflective post. What is it about the rain and wet and wild that brings out the nostalgic?

11 years ago

Hi Shari! I recently found your blog and have ‘eaten it up’ as the Southerners would say. I love the practicality of your writings and how your honesty allows others to feel ‘normal’. And once again I agree with you; we take for granted what is only a dream to so many.

11 years ago

Love love this. “The Magic of Ordinary Days” as they say. Priceless.

mama zook
11 years ago

…and when we forget to count them as gifts the joy diminishes, just vanishes away with the thanks that we forgot to give to the One Giver of all the everyday things!! Thanks, Shari, I love the way your writing moves my heart towards you, your family, and Jesus!!

Wendy Zook
11 years ago

Some days I wonder if I am really living in this wonderland or is it a dream. I feel blessed far above what I ever deserve.

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