On the chalkboard bandwagon at last

Aarick says, “Huh? That title doesn’t make any sense. Oh. Is Shaunda on the chalkboard bandwagon? I thought so.” Well–Aarick’s mother is okay with that. Never be the first person on the bandwagon or the last to leave, eh?

Confession: This is decorating according to Shari.

Chalkboard from a garage sale.

Chalk, 39ยข from a bent & dent shop.

Length of grapevine from my woods.

The combination is now hanging on my dining room wall, thanks to my good man and a few tiny nails.

The saying is copyright 2012 by Shari Zook. If you want to borrow it, you owe me at least a latte or a good book.

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11 years ago


11 years ago

I am going to owe you. I am sure of it.

11 years ago

I love how your projects always ended up a lot more grand and glorious than mine. (think chalkboard resting on cluttered table and leaning against the wall with anything from to-do lists to a Bible verse scrawled in a great hurry vs. chalkboard nicely and neatly mounted on wall and graced with an artistic font and orginal saying) The grapevine garland is beautiful! I like it!

11 years ago

I was just thinking the other day that chalkboards have become a real trend. (I am thinking that it started originally with Ann Voskamp, but I could be wrong?) Anyways, I have a chalkboard in my kitchen, too…a nice yard sale find for me too! I had to get my chalk at Dollar Tree so I paid a dollar :), but the funny thing is that I looked at a dent n’ bent store first. ๐Ÿ™‚

I LOVE your grapevine art. It is lovely. Rustic. Very me-ish. I like the style.

I have been planning on making a grapevine wreath (for my front door), but I don’t have grapevines anymore (I used to at David and Grace’s house when we rented there), so maybe I could steal some of yours if you have an abundance? ๐Ÿ™‚

11 years ago
Reply to  Renee

Yes! My woods is half strangled with them in places. Help yourself.

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