For Easter: A cross and a candy

Some things from childhood, you remember always.

When I was little, someone teaching a Bible lesson showed me how to make a cross from a piece of paper, using only one straight cut of a scissors. I thought it was so neat that I never forgot it. Last Sunday, my life came full circle in this small way, that I was able to share the trick with a Sunday school class of children who had never seen it before. I loved watching their faces light up.

There are multiple tutorials online for how to cut a cross with a single cut, and how to use the extra scraps to spell words, like LIFE for what Jesus brought us. Here’s a simple how-to – it’s a very easy fold-and-cut process, only four folds. (Tutorial starts at 31 seconds.)

What I didn’t see online is the other step my teacher showed me long ago, how to fit the extra scraps around the cross to flesh out the crucifixion story. So here’s that too.

Oh dear, you might have to zoom in on your phone to look at that text.

Maybe the child in your life will like this as much as mine did.

We made a new candy last night, for Easter, and it’s even a somewhat healthy candy. Almost. I found a new recipe offline, as my teens and I joke (because it sounds so much cooler than online and because I like mocking my own generation sometimes). (Technically “we” don’t joke. I joke. They roll their eyes.)

Where was I? Oh yes. Recipe.

Chocolate Covered Snickers Stuffed Dates

Aaaand I see the focus is off on this picture. Ask me how much I care.

We used milk chocolate instead of dark. I love dates but I’ve never pitted them before, which is silly because the pits practically fall out of the date; somehow I thought it would be hard to do, like an olive. Now I’m going to buy Medjool dates more often than I should.

The candies were even yummier than I hoped they would be.

Okay, a lot. But not enough to take another picture.

We cut up two or three to eat, but the rest we are saving strictly for Easter Sunday with my extended family. Even my children who “don’t like dates” loved them. I can’t wait to share them with more foodies.

I know I’m being a lazy blogger, showing you stuff other people have done instead of doing it all myself, the recipes and tutorials and things. But hey. The world is more accommodating to lazy people than it used to be. And for a woman learning to abdicate, it’s not a bad practice. Resting builds muscle.

May your Easter be peaceful, lit from within.

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Osiah Horst
2 years ago

Uhhh? Resting builds muscle – did you learn that from your father or your mother? Or husband?

Last edited 2 years ago by Osiah Horst
Shari Zook
2 years ago
Reply to  Osiah Horst

Lol. I learned it from my mentor. Not necessarily a Zook or Coblentz strength, but we are growing into it over time. 😉

2 years ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

I’m ok with “resting builds muscle”. That explains the 33 books I’ve read already this year, (resting mode), and why I’m beginning to feel more powerful…

Shari Zook
2 years ago
Reply to  Wendy W.

???? ❤ ????

Lyn Hochstedler
2 years ago

Lazy blogging or you becoming a connection point for your audience and adding value that way? The cross with one cut is fascinating! I haven’t seen it before and the recipe definitely sparks Easter food inspiration .????

Shari Zook
2 years ago

❤ Thank you.

2 years ago

Love. This! I will be using the paper cross activity wilth my neighborhood kids’ Bible Club tomorrow. Thank you.

Rachel H
2 years ago

What is it with teens vs. their parents’ sense of humor? ????
Thanks for sharing these ideas.

2 years ago

Did you learn that cross activity in a childrens meeting held by a revival speaker? I have a similar memory but it is quite faint.

I also loved the line about laughing and your teens roll their eyes. I teach school just so I can perform that on a regular basis. ????

2 years ago

Yum and there goes my girlish figure!

Shari Zook
2 years ago
Reply to  Regina

Lol! You and me both, sister.

Michele Walsh
2 years ago

Those were delicious!!! Thanks for sharing

Shari Zook
2 years ago
Reply to  Michele Walsh

Yay! Glad you liked them. ❤

2 years ago

I made the candy with dates, and came back to leave a ‘review’. The chocolate and peanut butter dominated the date flavor, and the dates lent a consistency reminiscent of caramel. The effect was actually Snickers-ish! (Which I admit, I wasn’t expecting. The name of the recipe should have clued me in, but you can’t believe everything you read online.)


They were very simple to put together which equals more points in their favor. My children are asking for a tea party featuring these. Thank you. ????

Shari Zook
2 years ago
Reply to  RH

Thanks for the review! I too was surprised by how MUCH they were like Snickers. I like dates well enough that I could have handled more of that flavor – it was more of a lingering sweet after-note than a real flavor in the bite. But – so good!

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