The fifth suggestion

Life around home, People / Monday, October 20th, 2014

I forgot one crucial piece I was going to mention about communicating with men.

5. Round up.

Not like a cowboy, like a mathematician. He means well, it just sounds different in manspeak. Round it up to the closest equivalent.

 Hm. = I’m listening, keep talking.
 Aw. = You poor dear girl, I can only imagine how awful that must have been!
 Wow. = You’re a crazy gorgeous lady and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You stun me.
 Um. = I feel uncertain of what to say at the moment, but rest assured I care, and will be thinking over my answer. {For the next ten years.}
 Hiccup. = Enough said. Go make me a sandwich.


9 Replies to “The fifth suggestion”

  1. Even my husband thought this was really funny. He kinda had an “Oh ouch” look that had ME laughing! I will deff put this fifth suggestion to use! You know, when you round up, you can round as high as you want! I’m thinking this might work well for all involved. (wicked cackle)

  2. This is SO funny! I had to even tell my husband (then boyfriend) that he needed to give me THIS much feed back when we were dating. I would be chattering along on the telephone and realize I hadn’t heard any noise for ever so long, so I finally gave him a hint that maybe a grunt every once in a while so I would know he was still there would be nice. “Um” can also mean, “I want to tell you something but you just talked and disrupted my thoughts so you need to be quiet for the next 15 minutes so I can recall what it was I was drumming up to say.”

  3. I’m actually married to a verbal guy – but I still think this is funny and can think of a few times I could have used this insight.

    But the tip I really need is the 49% one from the last post. Twelve years…and I still talk far too much for him.

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