Confession: I’m thinking of joining facebook.

Or perhaps I should say rejoining facebook. I had an active account for a year or more, and then suddenly realized I hated it and quit cold turkey. (I still have lung damage.)

I heard some wise ladies say last summer that instead of standing back from the “river” of technology throwing stones at it, watching others get swept away, we should wade in with wisdom and prudence, and become people who keep their feet.

This is a good point and worth pondering.

What do you think about facebook? Like it? Hate it? Both?

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9 years ago

Absolutely love it…but like anything, it must be managed. Please join 🙂

Beth Russo
9 years ago
Reply to  D


9 years ago

I have not joined facebook, mainly because I’m afraid I would spend too much time on it, time I don’t really have to spare. I wish there was an easy way to have only family for facebook friends. Not that I am not interested in communicating with a wide variety of friends, but perhaps too interested.

9 years ago
Reply to  LRM

There is…you make an ‘exclusive’ family group. Each member can have other friends in the ‘main stream’ if they choose, but you have a separate group that the members are only family… we enjoyed keeping up with family in this way who are scattered from the east coast to the west!! But like so many others expressed, it can be a big time waster IF you allow it to!!

9 years ago

Since you had such a “bad” experience with it, I would ask why you feel like rejoining? What do you hope Facebook could be for you that it wasn’t before?

I think while it is true that we must sometimes wisely step into the water, I have begun wondering if more of us should get back out of the water…so we can really live.

The reality is that we can remain just as in-touch with life and technology without wading into everything and maybe we would all be better off in life without so much technology… Now, I’m not throwing stones or anything ;)…no really, I’m not. I’m just saying, in large part Facebook is a big waste of time.

I’ve questioned making a rapid exit myself, more than once. I ask myself, “Why do I have a Facebook presence anyways?”

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that Facebook keeps me connected to faraway people that I love, I would probably have ditched my profile a long time ago. I say that fully knowing there are legitimate reasons to use Facebook.

I just know it is far too easy to let Facebook use you.

I am obviously have (way too) many opinions on this subject. I’ll seal my lips now, before I dig myself into too deep a hole.

9 years ago

I think Facebook is exactly what you make it. I can make it a positive experience or a negative one. I love that I can connect with a lot of family and friends at the same time that would take hours and hours if I would connect with them all individually. (Especially since so many of them live far away) I like to use it to encourage and pray for needs that are mentioned. I like that I can use it to form individual groups that only ones invited in that group can see what I write on there. I started one for my husbands family. They are very close, and I can write things on there that I only want them to see and not all my Facebook friends. (personal prayer requests and encouragement) I’m also on a weight loss group where we encourage and pray for each other throughout the week. That has been a very positive experience for all of us in the group. I know their can be drama in some situations, but that can also be an opportunity for me to show Jesus and pray for people involved in it. Yep I think Facebook will be pretty much what an individual wants it to be and makes it to be. 🙂

Mama Zook
9 years ago
Reply to  Ruth

great response!! A little or too much, it’s our choice!

9 years ago

The best thing about Facebook is, oddly, the ease of messaging people. I came home from a trip and had four letters and packages waiting that required a response or thank you. But WHEN would I get them written, addressed, stamped, sent?? I went to Facebook, typed in names, typed up messages, and hit enter. Not nearly as nice as letters, but the words were conveyed, and my conscience rested. I didn’t have to copy addresses or locate email addresses.

9 years ago

I like the networking forum that facebook provides. It’s an efficient way of accessing practical advice from other ladies, much like you are doing here with this post. I like to find out where people are buying peaches, what moms are doing with their young children to bust the boredom etc. I read only a small percentage of updates, however. Jolynn

Beth Russo
9 years ago

I agree with all of these comments. And the best part is, if you regret it, then poof, you can delete your account and be done with it. Like the others, I have out of town family and it’s fun to connect, especially with cousins I haven’t seen in years, and like the one comment, I like praying for others, supporting people, and yes, even going bananas from time to time. It’s a good exercise in patience sometimes! I’ve tried looking you up on FB before so I didn’t think you were on there. Wahhh. It may sound silly but it’s fun even when people post their dinner menus and food pictures and things like that. I’ve gotten quite a few good menu plans. If you get caught up in it, set the timer and do a half-hour in the a.m. and a half-hour at naptime or in the evening. Look me up! I have my maiden name in there as well, so it’s Beth Derrington Russo, so older friends can find me.

Suzanna Weaver
9 years ago

I like Facebook!

# 1 living so far away from family we have an easy way to keep in contact.

#2 I love to keep up with friends old and new!

#3 I use Facebook a lot like some do blogging. Over the past year I have gained a lot of friends through Facebook — I don’t have time to blog blogs of stuff but it only takes a few minutes to snap a picture with my lovely smartphone of the children, the snow, flowers, mountains, whatever and add a caption.

I get lots of compliments online and off from people who enjoy my posts and photos. I feel God uses that to encourage these old people (and others) who sit on FB waiting for the next piece of news to pop up! 🙂 I don’t use verses etc. but simply try to leave a testimony of what happens in a Godly homeschool home where the husband leaves for work everyday by relaying our normal everyday happening in ‘that was a great day’ or ‘guess what ?? did now?’ form. We are a normal family.

And I agree — FB is what you make it. There are some who hate it because…of nasty post, post about government, photos can go viral in just a small bit of time, drama…take or leave it. My site is private and while I know some people can go around those settings I don’t worry about it.

That’s the bad side…like said you can ask advice, get ideas and message people. I also follow places to get good deals/bargains. Keep up with the weather and news. Dave reads the paper and I read FB – we’ve got it covered! 🙂

I like Fb lots but I will admit I dislike people who have FB and read all the juicy news but never share what’s happening in their lives. To me that’s rude. But again that’s my opinion. Also I think FB is different that it was 5 years ago when I signed up. Maybe it’s just me…but less attitudes and people have learned to take things better. I almost quit my account a few months after I had it but I did keep it and I’m glad I did.

Btw–I’d be glad to see you on Facebook!

9 years ago

We’re another family without facebook. We had an account for several weeks and jumped back out of the river. 🙂 I honestly don’t regret not having it—except for wishing as LRM said, that were a way to only have a very limited number of people knowing you’re on. Our trial of it was several years ago, and we were astounded at how fast we got into trash from merely clicking on someone we knew. Adding to that, the annoying, (guilt trip producing), constant pressure of friend requests, we just decided it wasn’t for us. I do feel “behind the times” sometimes, but already spend enough time online as it is. And I know myself well enough to say that there would be days where I do very well, and others where I would be on for far too long if I’m feeling blue or bored. (Yes, I know that’s my problem, and not face book’s. 🙂 )

Another thing I’ve wondered, is if facebook helps you truly keep up with people, or if it feeds false feelings of connection. I would not share my heart deeply online to most people with whom I would be friends. So, if it’s merely surface for the most part, is it worth it? I’m quite sure there are people who use it wisely and build and maintain relationships, but I would much rather sit down for an actual talk with someone.

I suppose it is what a person makes it to be. I am not sure I’m up to the challenge, though. 🙂

9 years ago

I enjoy facebook. I agree with the others that say it can easily take too much of your time. Two things that have helped keep fb worth it to us: either un-friend or hide newsfeeds that aren’t beneficial (from immodesty to trashy talk to bashing church or government), and AdBlock. We were having some trouble with trashy ads showing up via fb, and AdBlock made all the difference. It’s free (donation suggested), and works wonders.
I like the sense of connection, though admittedly often on a quite superficial level, and have often thought how much I would have loved such a thing while we were on the mission field.
It’s also a convenient way to share excellent blog posts, keep up with head lines (our local paper and fox news), and even special offers (fabric stores and shutterfly).
I’m enjoying everyone’s perspective!:)

9 years ago

…also you can make your settings as rigid as you want or as free as you want. Like one setting is where only friends can see what you write or you can choose to have friends of friends see it. Blocks for certain things like adblock (like someone mentioned before) If you get game invites or statuses about your friends games or something else. You just click on the upper right corner and it allows you to block that game or whatever it is, and you won’t see that anymore in your news feed. I think those kind of things are set up better then it used to be. Just FYI 🙂

9 years ago

I realize a some of my hesitation is probably actually a lack of knowing how it COULD be done. Thanks to those of you who clarified some of the options. 🙂

9 years ago

For Lent this year, I’m giving up Facebook, so I guess that illustrates my love-hate relationship with it.

The things I’m missing– the personal messages. I use it how some people would use email or texting to personal friends. I am able to encourage women I’d never get a chance to talk to at church. I also used it a LOT when my parents lived far away. Pictures were easily uploaded and Grandma could see them immediately! Videos that could never be emailed were there to her on facebook in a jiffy.

On the downside– I agree w/ one of your commenters that it’s kinda rude to always know the latest juicy gossip, but never post about your own life. That said– I will confess that I have a hard time being really real on facebook. I’m always thinking of who is going to read this, how will they take it, how should I present myself, etc. I admire people who put their heart on the line. Very brave, vulnerable, and opening yourself to good and bad advice.

Overall, I feel like my newsfeed is a very surface, casual, giddy relationship to anyone browsing. Most people comment laughingly… lol. On the other hand, my messaging… a deep thought provoking comment and word of encouragement. My “notifications” don’t mean much, but a “message”? My heart leaps!

9 years ago

Oh yeah… I have set a timer for 10 minutes also. For my own sake… and for the sake of my children counting my “screen time”.

9 years ago

Ok so I didn’t have time to read all these comments, but gotta say I have a love\hate relationship with facebook. I hate the gossip it fuels and the criticism it invokes. I also dislike the whole competition that happens with I did this and this and this today. The things I love about it. It’s a less time consuming way to keep in touch with friends and family far away. I love the encouragement given and received. I love the great inspirations posted. I’ve gone off of it for a time. I feel like I can do with or without it. However, right now I’m kind of at a place that it’s so much apart of our culture and I need to take the good with the bad and learn how to make it the best. I want to balance it out with life, and every once and a while I will more than likely take a break from it. Sorry this is sort of random but this is my take on it.

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