Ever after

I wrote this piece many weeks ago, about living as a foster parent and a woman. Now at last I am young enough to share it.

It is concrete poetry. If you are reading it on your phone, you may need to turn your screen or find a larger one for proper viewing, or click here.


My love is love                                 is love

And does not                                     change with changes

Feelings may turn from pleasure to pain, hope to loss, joy to shame

But the present pain will be exactly equal to the previous pleasure

There shall be                    no           diminishing

My heart is riddled with holes

that        will not


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5 years ago


Priscilla F.
5 years ago

Touching, very touching. Thank you for being real.

5 years ago

Love this.

5 years ago

This is beautiful, Shari, but aching. I first read it on my phone, and didn’t see the heart. Glad I came on it here. I’ve been thinking lately about the holes in our soul and have no answers or tidy response to patch them up.

5 years ago

I needed this tonight. I’ve lost my 3rd baby in the hospital in 4 days… all unexpected…. all to mom’s who have lost other babies. My heart breaks. I wonder why I do this. I cry. And then God gives me this gift. Thanks for sharing your heart. And reminding me mine will be young again.

5 years ago

I am so sorry for this pain…

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