Christmas ideas

Confession: I’m back in my box again. I’m sorry; it’s a brain freeze I get sometimes when my blog becomes a place for me to try to win the approval of an audience instead of a place of creative joy–a mutually dissatisfying situation. Time for another blogging vacation. Don’t miss me too much.

(and furthermore:)

Plus my laptop just died, as in died died; not even my amazingly resuscitative husband can get a pulse. Plus my blog has been experiencing technical difficulties: if you’ve been having trouble receiving email notifications or accessing pages, you’re not alone. But the amazing husband is on it.

(and furthermore:)

Plus there’s a squirrel living in my kitchen wall. I named him Great Jumping Jehoshaphat, which is what I want to yell every time I hear him scrabbling there. My husband is going to get on him too, as soon as other issues are resolved. In short, my husband has plenty to do these days… This paragraph does not have anything to do with my point.

I’ll be back when I’m ready; maybe at New Years, maybe before. I’m going to have some fun playing with Baby Jesus, knitting slippers, making piñatas, and drinking lots of hot cocoa with whipped cream.

Meanwhile here are some Christmas ideas from last year for your enjoyment.

Christmas Messiness: 2012 guest post by Marlene Stoltzfus

Happy celebrating!


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10 years ago

Aw. Don’t get boxed in. Just write for the fun of it and let us read it. 🙂 Happy vacation

10 years ago

I always enjoy reading what you post, no matter what it is. Hope you find your way out of that box! Such an uncomfortable place. Enjoy your blogging break and come back when you’re ready!

10 years ago

Just in case you wonder whether anyone read the above and will miss your posts, I’ll leave a message for you. 🙂 I will miss your updates, but cheers to a possibly new or refurbished laptop, the pending demise of Great Jumping Jehoshaphat (don’t you think you’ll miss him just the teeniest little bit?) and lots of cocoa with whipped cream on top!

10 years ago

This is funny. As I searched for your blog (I only stop in occasionally, but I really enjoy it when I do) I wondered, “Will Shari always blog, till death do her part? [will the internet last that long?] I’ll bet she’ll get bored and stop eventually. Or maybe not. Maybe she’ll just blog and change and change and blog on and maybe write a book sometime.” Have fun with your vacation\fast! I hope it is cleansing and rejuvenating to the soul.

Not the Boss
10 years ago

I miss my favorite blogger.

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