Means of grace

Confession: I am in love with shapes and lines, and for this reason I find icons helpful.

If the word icons offends you, edit it in your mind to say symbols. In my house it’s the same thing.

Symbolism keeps me afloat by crystalizing an emotion or an experience, drawing it out where I can take a look at it, treasure it, and let it go (undesired emotion) or soak it in (desired emotion).

Each symbol is rich with meaning and context, though I will not explain for you.







How does Jesus feed you grace?

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11 years ago

Shari, I didn’t know this about you! Symbolism is an awfully big deal to me, too. Almost everything in my house is a reminder of a place, time, truth, or dream. I love that you were brave enough to post your icons. 🙂

11 years ago

Ditto to becca’s comment (above). Or people can substitute “reminders” if they get hung up on word choices. You’re not idolizing them and your pictures are beautiful. This warms my heart. I would say Jesus feeds me grace by small moments of silence throughout the day I’m able to hold onto, and also old photos that connect me to relatives I never met. So awesome!

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