Psalm 23 reloaded

Walking with Jesus

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not have needs
He maketh me to be just fine, thank you, and I have it covered
What you said did not hurt me and what you did does not make me angry
But I have a friend you could pray for, she is really having a hard time…

August 2, 2017

the Burden

Walking with Jesus

I saw a woman bent under a weighty Burden, staggering up a hill toward a clouded sky. When she turned her head to look once over her shoulder, I saw that the face was mine. Atop the hill was a cross, and on the cross a Man upon whose face she could not bear to […]

April 15, 2017

Monday’s confession of faith

Walking with Jesus

I probably look like I always love him and I never doubt And for many months this can be true   For many months the thought of him is sweet and I believe his words and am So happy to be part of his family The Bible is alive and the Lord’s Supper full of […]

February 13, 2017

To the forgotten one

Promoted, Walking with Jesus

I am the light you cannot see, searching, piercing – not the mild sunlight of a summer day or the glimmer of candle and firelight, but the unescapable blaze of a streetlight on a deserted parking lot when all around is darkness.

I love you.

June 30, 2016

A case for hurry

Walking with Jesus

You know what they say. You’ve probably heard them yourself, and you know what they say. Look at Jesus, they say. He was never in haste, and never late for an appointment. Let Him be your model. His people should be calm and unhurried. They are full of it, I say. Well, alright. In light […]

April 25, 2016


Brain things, Walking with Jesus

I am experiencing the technical difficulties always attendant on reentry into cyberspace. We had to switch email servers and have some bugs to work out. If you are not receiving email notifications of new posts, hang tight… the Boss is working on it. He tells me it will help him if I keep posting. {Insert eye […]

April 13, 2016