The Lord’s Prayer – Your turn

Our Father

a good Father, a loving Father
and we come to him together

which art in heaven

what is heaven but where God dwells?
is every place you inhabit made heaven?

Hallowed be thy name

sacred, precious, unblameable

Thy kingdom come

oh, swiftly

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

here is “heaven” again, and our request that you so fully inhabit earth that it, too, becomes your dwelling place

Give us this day our daily bread

let me not look too far ahead, but receive every good gift for today at your hand.
feed me, Father

And forgive us our debts

there are so many. I feel dark with shame and inadequacy on this new day of a new month. forgive me what I owe you and cannot pay

as we forgive our debtors

this is a mouthful, but for now I will take it as this:
that your forgiving of me and mine of others will go forth hand in hand into the world— “while” I forgive those who owe me, and cannot pay

And lead us not into temptation

I am weak
let your hand hold me and point the way

But deliver us from evil

may darkness fall away in the kingdom-light of heaven

For thine is the kingdom

this is why evil cannot win

And the power

all of you and none of me

And the glory forever

I taste worship in my tears and prayers.
you are the Holy One.


– April 1, 2015


The month is over and I want to hear! What did you learn as you prayed Jesus’ prayer each day?

Here are some questions to get you started—those who did not pray the prayer daily but have a thought are welcome to share too!

What is your favorite phrase?

What did you understand in a new way?

How did God work in your life through these words?

Next time, I’ll share three things I learned
am still learning.
You first!

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8 years ago

Your challenge was divinely inspired for in April we faced a lot of big, hard things and praying the Lord’s Prayer became such a comfort. In a situation where every option we thought of led to pain upon pain and there seemed no way forward, praying the Lord’s prayer over it was a relief because all other words failed. I’m also happy to say that we have seen the Lord’s hand mightily in this situation and He has been working it all for good. He’s so amazing!

The phrase “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is done in heaven” became my heart’s cry. More than anything else I want His kingdom and His will to conquer and permeate me. And I want His kingdom to come to those I have contact with because I am so filled with it that it spills out onto them.

This prayer takes my focus off of me and my difficulties, confusion, hurt and places it all on an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-caring God. It’s so comforting!

I was disappointed that the ESV only footnoted “For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever” rather than including it in the actual text.
Thanks for the challenge! My faith has been strengthened.

8 years ago

I did not get it prayed every single day , but when I did it was , “Give me this day my daily bread….” meaning my daily strength and sustenance.

” Give me, Lord what I need to have strength to do what you want me to do just for today.”

Yes… my daily bread…..for today……

Mary yoder

8 years ago

For me what stood out the most was the constant reminder that I must forgive if I want to be forgiven. Those past hurts, current slights, big or small things, what ever pops up in my mind, needs to be let go.

I was so blessed by praying this regularly that I think I will keep on even though the month is over. Thank you for the idea!

Ann S

8 years ago

As a mother of small children, I have found great comfort in praying “deliver us from evil”. When I spend much time considering what sort of a world my children may face as teenagers and adults, I want to shut my mind down. When I see pictures of children starving and suffering and dying, I agonize for their terror. To turn to my Father and cry, again and again, deliver us, deliver them, deliver your children from evil, is peace to my troubled mind.

“The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: He shall preserve thy soul” Ps. 121:7

8 years ago

Let me try again…I just deleted my first lengthy comment.

Praying this simple model prayer that Jesus has given to us has brought me more confidence and boldness in approaching him and asking him for the very things he has instructed us to ask for. I didn’t find myself second guessing my requests (or the motives that are perhaps driving them)that I made to him.

This prayer truly does shift the focus away from me and what I think should happen in certain situations to him and his power to use everything (the good and seemingly bad) to bring about the coming of his kingdom. It is total joy to be allowed to participate in this!

The concept of forgiveness was big to me. I realized that I have been forgiven far more than what I have ever been asked to forgive. In light of that, how could I be so stingy in dishing out a forgiving spirit to my fellowman??!!!?

Daily bread….called me to live in the grace and provision for today. I found myself often confessing to him that he has given me everything that I need for today and that is enough. I don’t have to worry about my physical/emotional/spiritual needs of the next year. He is sustaining me RiGHT NOW and that is reason to thank him.

He is the Glorious Conqueror. I can commit every aspect of my life to him in full confidence because he has already won the victory. All glory, honor and power belong to him. Someday the entire world will confess this along with me.

I think that different lines of this prayer really came alive to me in different ways on different days. I’m so grateful. It really felt like a simple but profound break through in during a drought In my prayer life.

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