And yet I am unmoved

Hey now.

When I went to that painting class,

Did you say to me “Make us a video of all Jolynn’s painting tips!”

You did not.

I cannot think it would be anything but

A whole lot of cheeky and insufferable

If I did.


One could argue that my last post was cheeky and insufferable,

But I didn’t know you’d take it so hard.

I figured you all knew

How to make chocolate chip cookies

And I was a late bloomer.



How do you know they’re good?


If you want an online recipe for chocolate chip cookies,

You can find one here, and here,

And here and here and here and here and here,

Complete with videos.

They’re all the same.


The point of that post, my children, was not chocolate chip cookies,

Though the photos distracted you.


I promise

There is someone living near you

Who can make cookies smashingly

And show you how.


The point, and I regret I have to spell it out for you

Because I am not always good at living it myself


No amount of detached communicating

Is ever as effective

Or as fun

As being



Who in your community

Could teach you what you need to know

If you




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5 years ago

Oh Shari, wat a reminder (complete with photos – thank you again for soul food!) to look to others to learn from them. Not to compare ourselves n think “they can do such n such so much better”, but to look at what we can learn n enjoy from others, n ALLOW THEM to complete us! Thank you!

Regina S
5 years ago

Shari, you are so right. Though I do enjoy watching a tutorial, it’s much more enjoyable to have a friend come over and teach me how to sew a simple veiling or make that perfect pie crust.
I appreciate the reminder. Have a blessed rest of your week.

5 years ago

absolutely superbly done.

Priscilla F.
5 years ago

I still clearly remember the sunny day at age 16, going to an older lady’s home to watch her make bread. Nothing like in-person tutorials. Plus the friendship, of course! My Joy was named Pat, and she’s gone now, but I love to come across her recipes in my big folder, in hen-scratching script, that takes me instantly back…

5 years ago

So true & I love this sweet reminder

5 years ago

This is clever, and so true, and there are many things I need to know, but I don’t know who to ask. Thanks for the reminder to ask God to show me.

5 years ago
Reply to  RHL

This comment, unexpectedly, made me cry. God bless you as you search.

Sheila G.
5 years ago

…and then she was moved…although not into dashing for the video camera. 😉 fine with me-I dislike video tutorials-particularly those in which hyper music is played in lieu of helpful monologue.

Kim Z
5 years ago

Once again, you’re right. A great reminder! I’m still going to raid your recipe stash though. ?

5 years ago
Reply to  Kim Z

Oh yeah. I’m waiting for ya. ?

5 years ago

Stand firm and continue to model this concept, my friend!!!

Kendra Sensenig
5 years ago

Though I’d really like that recipe too,
all I’ve got to say to your thought is

5 years ago

I agree wholeheartedly with your premise, and appreciate very much what you’ve said.
I just would love one more cookie recipe to play with. ?

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