Creations / Thursday, July 26th, 2018

There were many small joys in my day: my mom taking my oldest children on a fun-filled outing; one stressful foster visit cancelled; my sister stopping by unexpectedly with a plate of bars; a sudden decision to simplify our weekend plans. For these things I am grateful.

And tonight…

I went to my first painting class in town, with the beautiful Anita, under the tutelage of the lovely Jolynn.

And ohhhh my.

I fell in love with color.

The wonderfully messy look of my styrofoam-plate palette makes me almost as happy as my canvas.

Jolynn taught us how to do each step. Anita and I ran our mouths and our brushes. Ryan tucked my kiddos into bed at home, God bless him.

I will definitely be doing this again. Pure therapy.

15 Replies to “Tonight”

  1. Your painting is very beautiful! I believe you must have had much fun. I’m not good at painting but I do enjoy adult coloring books. I have quite a few but my favorite in a coloring book of Psalms.

  2. So, so beautiful! Both the canvases and the ladies. I’d love to learn more about painting, even if only to enjoy the look of wonderfully messy palettes.

  3. Okay, now that I’m looking at your painting, I want to take an art class now. 🙂
    There’s a community education class here that starts in the fall but it seems rather expensive. I think I will pray about this. I may enroll my youngest daughter. She is our resident artist.

  4. Oh, so pretty!!! I know exactly what you mean about the palette, it’s a beautiful mess. ? I would love to try something like that. Looks fun!
    I really like your dress too! ?

  5. I’m fighting jealousy. Not only is your painting beautiful. Not only are girls’ nights so much fun. But I haven’t seen Jolynn in fifteen years and just seeing her photo made me wish to get in the car and not stop until I was in your neck of the woods.

    So glad for that God gave you such precious gifts. And that you shared your special evening with us. I’m going to show these photos to my daughter who has more talent with a paintbrush than I can dream of.

  6. Looks like a *perfect* night out for a busy mom! So glad that you got to enjoy this moment and exercise your creativity! Your painting is just beautiful!

  7. This just blessed my heart to the core, Shari! To help people create beauty in a relaxed and fun atmosphere is my goal exactly. I am so pleased that you and Anita came. Jolynn

  8. Painting and creating is good for the soul! I wish I had time to do more of it..great job on your painting! It is very beautiful. And I must tell you that we just enjoyed a LOVELY visit with your Dad and Mom Inlaws. It was simply delightful!

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