Alphabet prayers

I’ve been reading in the book of Lamentations this month. The poetic structure is incredible, in a way I never realized before, though I’ve read the Bible all my life. In four out of five chapters, there are twenty-two verses each, corresponding to and beginning with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, in turn. That is, except in chapter three, where there are sixty-six verses – and three in a row begin with each letter, in turn.

I thought this was so cool that I tried writing an English prayer along the same lines, just for fun.

All of me is yours, Father

Best of beings in the universe.

Create me still and always according to your will.

Do not desert me while I am incomplete.

Ever be with me, Lord,

For you are

Good, and all your works toward me are


I am lost without you

Just as an infant is misplaced without her mother.

Knowing you is my best destiny.

Let me grow in this knowledge. Reveal yourself to

Meet me where I

Need you most,

O holy one.

Please do not be silent to me.

Quiet me with the songs of your fatherhood, the most

Restful place for a child to belong.

Sing to me of who you are, and who I am in you.

Teach me to say less to you and listen more, that I may

Understand our right places and learn to know your


When I am grown, let me be like you.

X out my sins.

You are my lasting home. Keep me in the comfort

Zone of your proximity.

If you try this yourself, I’d love to see it.Share a link to your site? Or post it here in the comments?

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3 years ago

So beautiful, Shari. ❤️

Doris Martin
3 years ago

That is beautiful, Shari! And yes, it makes me want to grab a pen and try it!

Doris Martin
3 years ago

Abba, Father!
Before the earth was
Created. You were there!
Divine Father,
Everything created was made by You!
Heavens and earth,
Invisible and seen,
Jesus, You were there!
Kindly meeting us,
Lovingly entreating us,
Meeting us where we are!
No one but You,
Oh, Lord
Quiet assurance,
Rest for our souls,
Satisfaction within,
Truth and
We wait
Xcitedly for
Your appearing!
Zealously yours, Amen!

3 years ago
Reply to  Doris Martin

Well done! 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  Doris Martin

Oooh great job! ????

Shaunda Stoltzfus
3 years ago

This is beautiful and heart-felt and clever.

Jeanie Martin
3 years ago

This, and the pictures that go with it, made me cry…

Shelly Eberly
3 years ago

I didn’t know that about Lamentations! Now I want to write my own ABC prayer! Yours was beautiful!

3 years ago

Shari, Is that last picture your grandpa? If so, is he holding you? LRM

3 years ago
Reply to  LRM

Yes, it is my grandpa, Eli Yutzy! He is holding my firstborn son Aarick… picture taken about fifteen years ago. He passed away in 2013. ❤️

3 years ago

Beautifully done, and a great prayer besides! Great picture of your grandpa! He was a one of a kind rare guy from his era.

3 years ago

Beautiful and profound in its simplicity. You know how sometimes you just need a form to follow. Maybe Jeremiah was so empty and sad that if he could just focus on the alphabet, it would guide his words.I need to tuck away this tool.

3 years ago

I wrote 2 – one a lament since it is based on the book of Lamentations. And one a “normal” prayer.

Another abnormal
Crying parents.
Dying. Life slowly
Futility and finality.
Grief. God
Help us. Hear us. Where are you?
Incline your ear to us & come. Where is your
Love &
Mercy? Your presence
Not felt.
Only silence
Quaking within me.
Remind me of your
Steadfast love. Of your
Truth &
Undying promises. Never ending faithfulness.
Verily I will trust in you.
Whisper comfort & strength to my soul
Xpert Comforter & Counsellor.
You alone are God. May you
Zeal preserve us.

Beginning & End
Creator of Heaven and Earth
Draw me to yourself
Grant me your comfort
Heal my hurting heart. Forgive my
Justify me in your presence.
Keep me as the apple of your eye.
Lead me in your paths.
Make me know your voice.
Never leave me alone.
Open my eyes to your view of the world.
Plant perseverance in my heart.
Quiet my strivings.
Renew my soul.
Satisfy my thirst.
Teach me your ways.
Undergird me – my hands, my strength.
Verily You are God.
While I wait for you, I will praise you.
Xcept for you, there is no other god.
You alone are worthy. May
Zeal for you consume me.

I really enjoyed these as a new way to worship – although as you can see V, X and Z were challenging!

Shari Zook
3 years ago

Oh wow – I love these. I like the continuity of thought, and your clever uses of X words… but also a few really good lines – “While I wait for you, I will praise you” was my favorite. Thank you for sharing! ❤

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