Against such there is no law

Food / Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

Confession: When weaning myself off leaning on food too much, I like listing all the things I can do for pleasure instead, without limit.

Here is my list.

  • Drinking water (for extra joy, toss in fresh citrus, herbs, or berries)
  • Walking outdoors
  • Drinking black coffee or unsweetened tea
  • Reading books
  • Writing
  • Adult coloring
  • Sleeping
  • Listening to music
  • Eating fresh fruits and veggies
  • Loving
  • Writing letters
  • Reading Scripture
  • Watercoloring
  • Praying
  • Journaling
  • Doodling
  • Chewing ice
  • Dancing
  • Organizing a corner of my house
  • Making something beautiful

When you’re not eating, what do you do for fun?

CL and RS, if you are still looking for permission to share some snark of your own, this is a perfect time. We can’t leave it all up to Travis.

16 Replies to “Against such there is no law”

  1. These last two posts are food for thought. 🙂 I was pondering my goals for eating the other morning because I have been feeling like I needed to take charge of my eating again and when I looked at my paper, I saw two negative goals. Now that is uninspiring, actually rather depressing. My thoughts to myself were I need to come up with positive goals. Maybe the negative goals is why I struggling to take charge or get excited about taking charge of my eating. I have always needed to watch my weight. Makes me weary. So your last two posts come at a very needful moment in my journey with my food addictions and have verified my ponderings on getting rid of the negative goals, (no seconds, no bedtime snacking, etc) and set positive ones. Thank you!!

  2. I love:
    Adult coloring
    Watch how- to videos on YouTube
    Reading good Christian books
    Watching YouTube videos of parents dancing with their children and even the grandparents who are in their 80s dance with their grandlovies.

  3. When i go outside on a perfect day, I like to walk across the yard with my eyes closed. Just for a few moments, so as not to crash into trees or stumble over bikes or mutts. But there’s somehow too much to take in with all five senses, and if I block one (sight) I can absorb the sounds and smells and feelings better. This is a perfect mini dose of free therapy. Sounds weird, I know.

  4. Oh, there’s no end to the good times to be had! Snuggling a freshly bathed and lotioned baby. A tickling match with my husband. A lively game with the littles. Quietness. A deep, rich conversation. Storytime. Hospitality. A dark night with stars and spring peepers. Going to sleep with the windows open. Campfires. A friendly debate. Singing. Learning to do something new. Turning a disaster zone back into a cozy home. Spontaneous personal Bible study. Wading in the creek. Poems. Time alone with my favorite person in the world. Working outside. Making my children laugh. A walk under crisp, clear September skies. A swing ride. Mint tea sweetened with stevia…guilt free! Blessing others. Creativity. Beauty. And always…family and friends and books!

    1. I’ve heard of this. A guy at college was talking about it. He tried it, and liked it, but did actually go back to eating some; thankfully! It sounds very anorexic to me.

    1. Haha. There were days when I couldn’t… I mean, when my desire for sleep far outstripped the feasibility. Most of my inordinate desires for food come at bedtime, which makes sleeping an easy out. Love you. You commented!!!

  5. Good stuff here…..except HOW do you drink coffee without cream n sugar? It just tastes simply AWFUL. I wish I could enjoy it black, but I think I’m just a hopeless case. It’s almost easier to give up desserts than it is to give up my coffee (hot or iced) or London Fogs. I can EASILY live without soda, but coffee?

    As I enter this mid-30s stage, I realize that I feel poundage(?) 🙂 In places I haven’t before. Is it a result of my meds? Am I really eating so much differently than I used to? Is a perfectly flat stomach really the goal? Sometimes I try to remember that if I’ve done well in eating (and not badly binged on sugar because I’m feeling depressed) then my day eating-wise has been successful. But there are days where it is just plain hard.

  6. I find that an hour of quiet in the yard or a short nap is more satisfying than food, but infinitely harder to get since I have 3 littles at my house. I often eat when what I actually need is sleep. That slightly dizzy feeling can be either a sign of sleep deprivation or food deprivation, so when sleeping would endanger the lives of my kiddos, I tend to eat instead. Sad.

  7. Church! We can go to church instead of staying home and eating cookies. That is what I am doing this eve.
    Not sure why I am emerging out of the shadows to comment on this particular post but I am a long time reader of your blog Shari. Always enjoy what you have to say.

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