Rural legend #1: Pastor’s wives are perfect.

Rural legend #2: Christian moms don’t yell.


Rural legend #3: God is silent.

God is not silent. God is so full of words that when He tried to cram them all into a book, He had to use fine print and thin pages.

His words are there. You can read them anytime.

Now they may not seem to address the burning issue. You may throw Him an urgent yes or no question and find He replies with a story.

But His words have life and power, and when you read them with the Holy Spirit interpreting, you’ll be surprised at what they say…

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11 years ago

It looks like your readership is being unGodlike. 🙂 I appreciate this post much. I have accused God of silence, but deep down I know and was taught better. MORE often I’ve accused Him of being irrelevant. But I think there’s so much truth in that saying that it’s not what you don’t understand that scares you as much as what you do understand. I am so through with trying so hard to understand God. I just want to listen. And obey.

11 years ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

My deepest apologies for the ungodly responses of all your readers. Yes, I am repenting for the whole bunch of us. 🙂

I agree strongly with Shari’s words about God’s words. Mine just feel too feeble right now.

Mama Zook
11 years ago

I was reminded of something over Christmas Holidays that really touched my heart about God speaking to me…when one of my kids said “our pastor challenged us to take note of what is most important in my life…when I wake in the morning, do I grab my I-phone, or computer, check my FB, or email to see what my friends are saying? or do I grab God’s Word to see what He really wants to tell me that a.m.?” Am I loving to touch what so many in other countries are not allowed to touch? Our Bibles are so available!! He is and does speak, but the outside noise is sometimes making too much racket!

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