The Button Story

Promoted, Something from nothing

For all Mrs. Zook knows, yellow and gray may be out of style by now. She would have to ask her sister Kim, who knows about things like that.

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Toasters and coasters and give us this day

Dark days, Promoted

We have been ferried up, up, up the excruciating climb, full of dread and horror. Now we creep over the edge and hang poised.

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My church experience

Promoted, Walking with Jesus

In a white country church house with six pews on the right and six pews on the left, I formed my first ideas of God and his people.

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Pumpkin Pity Party Pie

Food, Promoted

Prepared with love for him at dinner’s end, an unannounced surprise made carefully into a luscious circle of fresh crimped crust…

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Bald Eagle Boys Camp: our journey up the mountain

Boys camp, Promoted

We do not want to be apart. For each member of our family, including him, this is the hardest part of our sacrifice. We love him, and he loves us.

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My upcoming book


I’m writing a manuscript for Herald Press. If you did not know about this and feel you should, I am nothing but sympathy. I didn’t know about it either.

May 26, 2020