Extra Shortcake Crumble

Exercise: “Breaking the Sound Barrier”
Prompt: Write a how-to using only images.

(What would extra short cake look like? Would it use a stepstool and wear platform shoes?)

Here we go. You ready?

(Can be frozen for later.)
I would write some words here, but this is supposed to be a post without explanations. So just imagine I did.
All toasty!

The texture is totally different—some would call it improved—and the overall feeling is fresh-baked.

How did I do? Questions?

Original shortcake recipe here. What’s your favorite way to eat fresh berries?

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1 month ago

Warm Strawberry Shortcake with strawberries and milk. SO Yummy!! (although I use the yellow cake mix, which hubby prefers over the from-scratch shortcake recipe)

I used to make strawberry pie, but we like fresh strawberries with the cake just as good.

Love reading this funny prompts!

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1 month ago

I thought I had a favourite way to eat strawberries but now someone gave us a shortcake with lemon and orange zest in it. Lather with whipped cream and layer on strawberries. Yummm.

Aimee Stauffer
1 month ago
Reply to  Blessedmama

Oh that sounds s good!!!

1 month ago

One of my favorite ways to eat fresh strawberries is with shortcake and milk. Your picture tutorial was very well done. No explanation needed.

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