White butter

Creations, Food / Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Today I made my first butter ever. I am absurdly proud of this little pat. I blended and rinsed and squeezed and rinsed.

Well well.

And it tastes not so bad as I thought, after the smell of the ripened cream prepared me for the worst.

But it’s doughy white.


Like Ma in Little House in the Big Woods, I like everything on my table to be pretty, and white butter is not pretty. Unlike her, I am not prepared to scrub a carrot through a piece of tin poked with nail-holes, and then cook the carrot, and then strain the juice into the cream to color it. Come to think of it, that might be rather fun. I tried more modern methods and (surprisingly) they wouldn’t take. The butter remains stubbornly white.


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    1. Seriously? Now that part of the story I completely forgot. Bravo Mother.

      No problem with grass-fed, except it’s a little tricky in northwestern PA, January to March…

  1. You are turning out to be quite the farm lady…butter. wow. I remember doing that with half gallons of cream, and it makes alot!! And I did use the buttermilk for pancakes!

    1. Food coloring is the “modern method” I tried. It made no difference in the color at all–I wonder why. The fat content? Oh well.

  2. My in laws have 4 Jersey cows as a hobby and we all benefit. They make LOTS of cream and I make butter by spurts. Sometimes I just get so tired of messing with it all. But anyway it is always beautiful yellow so maybe it is partly the cow

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