What I’ve *not* learned in marriage

This is the finale of a little series on marriage. Start at the beginning here.

  1. How to make firm decisions in his absence
  2. How to enjoy giving him gifts of really-boring-guy-stuff-that-he-knows-he’s-getting-because-he-picked-it-but-he-still-wants-badly
  3. How to stop talking when we’re on a date
  4. How to spend without guilt the money he earned for us
  5. How to make excuses for his family as easily as I do for mine
  6. How to accept his (rare) corrections without excuses, anger, or tears
  7. How to live without him, even for relatively short periods of time
  8. How to graciously allow him to change
  9. Or not change
  10. How to know when the joke is not funny

So yeah, I still have my work cut out for me.

The End

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6 years ago

😀 Some of this sounds very familiar.

Rhoda Martin
6 years ago

Wow! Maybe I’m not so strange after all!! ?

6 years ago

Still trying to learn 3, 4 and 6. Especially number 6!

6 years ago

Ah, stretch goals! So which one are you working on this year? And what’s your SMART goal?

6 years ago

Wow! If it weren’t for number 7, I’d be pretty certain you were reading my mind.

6 years ago
Reply to  Rosanna

#7 hit the nail on the head for me- I get frustrated with myself because when he leaves I always think I’m going to be Ms Independent, and then about day 2 I feel like having a meltdown. 😀

6 years ago

This series is so good; so true. Thanks for writing. I can identify with much of it.

6 years ago

Ha! This was all so familiar!

6 years ago

Interesting list. . . we will work on these till death doth part! And if we keep in mind, we could be a widow in a moment’s notice, we realize not many things are worth fighting for. Keep Peace and Choose to be Happy. This Day is a gift!

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