Valentine ideas needed: gifts for guys

Confession: It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and once again I am coming up short on ideas for a gift for The Boss.


Birthdays and Christmas, I’ve found ways to shop that bring great joy to both of us. (Best of all is to poke his buddies for suggestions on fire gear or tech gadgets, and pull off a surprisingly savvy gift in a field I know little about.) But on Valentine’s Day I don’t plan to spend a lot of money; I just want to get him something small and sweet. Is there a masculine equivalent for flowers and chocolate??

[Oh right. Lingerie.]

I could buy him a bottle of cologne.

I could bake him a meltingly wonderful pie.

I could ditch the traditional gift route and go with the love language route: time or words or acts of service.

But none of these feel quite right for 2015. I’ve done them before.

What are you doing for your sweetheart this year? If you don’t have a sweetheart but have a good idea, share that too. I could use all the creativity you have.


Aside to The Boss: No comment reading until after February 14, please. On the honor system.

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Mrs L
8 years ago

How about brainstorming and alter-to-fit some ideas found here
And I’m coming back here to check on others ideas! 🙂

8 years ago

Definitely going with the lingerie:)
Actually I have rarely hit the mark with gifts for my husband and I’ll be watching for ideas!!

8 years ago

Well my man likes chocolate… I’m thinking a bar of dark chocolate would be in order, and he wouldn’t consider it feminine. I’ve also been looking at tangle doodle patterns, and would like to make him a card.

Mama Zook
8 years ago

mine would love a bag of the small size hershey chocolate bars with almonds and toffee! But I know the thing he’s looking forward to even more than that is the planned away time this weekend and into Monday and Tuesday!

8 years ago

This probably isn’t what you had in mind, but every year we have a Valentine party that centers on Tony. He gets a fancy invitation, in his lunchbox if it’s a weekday, and the children all help plan the menu and decide which dish they will make and serve. We move the table into the family room and elaborately decorate, make menus, and have a lot of courses to the meal, appetizer, salad, bread, entrée, and usually are too full for the dessert! It’s a long meal, with lots of pictures and fun.
It doesn’t have to be expensive- we reuse decorations, and try to get creative with whatever we have.
It is THE most important meal of the year to our children and they look forward to it all year! They are ages 13 and under now.

8 years ago

Wink at him at an unexpected moment.

I would like a couple hours at a coffee shop with my husband. But we live in a town far from any known babysitters, and taking (my) four kids into a coffee shop would be disastrous. Not to mention, there isn’t even a coffee shop here!

But. We’re going to a community church event that’s sponsoring a western singer who will perform with his guitar while we eat our grilled chicken. Best of all, the church provides babysitting! So we’re on for the adventure!

8 years ago
Reply to  Rosina

A few more ideas:

Write a message with soap on your bathroom mirror. (Valentine’s Day is all about being cheesy, isn’t it?)

Make his favorite coffee drink, top it with whipped cream and heart sprinkles.

While you’re wearing that fancy lingerie, cook him a nice breakfast. You might either have to drug the kids so they sleep in, or get them all to wear (heart-shaped) sunglasses.

Or just make a pretty Valentine and give it to him, along with a kiss and his favorite candy bar. Who doesn’t like words of affirmation with a nibble of candy on the side?

Mrs. Shy Lady
8 years ago

A long bath.
A bedroom picnic. Cheeseball and crackers, sparkling juice, something chocolate. And you set the stage.

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