Why two heads are better than one

Foster care, Life around home / Sunday, October 5th, 2014

In everything from food committees to parenting five kids for the weekend (which is the fun we are currently engaged in) TWO–says Solomon–are better than ONE. And I wouldn’t want to disagree with him.

I made a graph to portray this phenomenon. It’s titled Variations on Reality. Have I ever mentioned that I couldn’t handle life without The Boss?

Shari's Graph

{Click on it to view the full size. It’s too wide to show up here.}

Do you recognize the pattern?

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8 years ago

This is true! It’s funny how we balance each other out 🙂 And definitely 2 are better than 1 🙂

8 years ago

This is hilarious!!!

Know what I like best about weekends???

Wendy Weaver
8 years ago

It’s good! I am amazed at how one day, I think, “Yup, we’ve got this figured out”, and the next be stomping and snorting! (Figuratively, of course! I, (gasp), would never do something like that for real!!) And he looks a little amazed and amused…! I am very blessed!!!