Why two heads are better than one

In everything from food committees to parenting five kids for the weekend (which is the fun we are currently engaged in) TWO–says Solomon–are better than ONE. And I wouldn’t want to disagree with him.

I made a graph to portray this phenomenon. It’s titled Variations on Reality. Have I ever mentioned that I couldn’t handle life without The Boss?

Shari's Graph

{Click on it to view the full size. It’s too wide to show up here.}

Do you recognize the pattern?

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9 years ago

This is true! It’s funny how we balance each other out 🙂 And definitely 2 are better than 1 🙂

9 years ago

This is hilarious!!!

Know what I like best about weekends???

Wendy Weaver
9 years ago

It’s good! I am amazed at how one day, I think, “Yup, we’ve got this figured out”, and the next be stomping and snorting! (Figuratively, of course! I, (gasp), would never do something like that for real!!) And he looks a little amazed and amused…! I am very blessed!!!

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