Giveaway winner

Hello. This is the post you’ve been waiting for.

Our illustrious winner is… Lisa!

Not Lisa of comment #14 between Rachel N. and Jolene, but Lisa of comment #60 between Tina and Aurelia. Will the real Lisa please step forward…

I will message you privately to ask for your mailing address.

Thanks to each of you for joining in the fun! Remember you have three days (till midnight of October 9) to order from Starla’s website and ask for your $1.00 refund… or a week and a half (until October 15) to stop by our local bookstore, Christian Learning Resource, for the same offer! Make sure to mention the Confessions giveaway for your special rate. (See my original post if you have any further questions.)

The worst bit about doing a blog giveaway is that after everyone and their brother speaks up, everyone gets startled by the sound of her own voice and goes silent for a few days. Be brave now. I like hearing from you.




Winner was chosen by I promise.

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9 years ago

Congratulations to the winner!!

9 years ago

Thank you, Shari! or not, it’s a blessing from the Lord to have won this giveaway! Like i said, I’ve never used one but I could use some good organizing in my life…thanks for doing this!

9 years ago

“startled by the sound of her own voice” Haha–that’s funny enough to make me post again right away! 🙂
So happy for you Lisa!

9 years ago

Congratulations to the winner!! Happy organizing an planning!:). When’s the next giveaway ?? (Teehee! :)) At least I didn’t wait till then to speak up…

Mama Zook
9 years ago

I’m so happy for Lisa!! of comment #60, and I’m breathing a sigh of relief, since I am not obligated to become “the organized person of the year”…I know that had I won, I would have had at least four daughters asking how I was doing with my schedule!! As it is, they can just keep guessing what I do with my time. I had someone give me a small “songbirds” monthly planner as a birthday gift and it has birds throughout it, and I’m thinking it has enough space on each day to write the species of birds I see that day! Happy planning, Lisa! BTW, Shari, this was fun!!

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