Boatloads and behinds


You know you’re running behind

When you dial the library to ask how many books


Are still overdue

After the boatload you sunk in their drop-slot this afternoon?

And there are eight,

And eight dollars and eighty cents worth of fines.


You know you’re running behind

When the kids say Mom, hide and seek?

And you say Um


Well after I

Well how about




You know you’re running behind

When you snag the broom out of the closet

Before you leave the house

And prop it against the kitchen counter

As you fly out the door

That way in case anyone stops in while you’re out

And sees the state of your floor

They’ll think you were just getting to it.


How do you know you’re behind?

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10 years ago

lol but now they’ll know your secret. I can identify, muchly 😉

10 years ago

My fine at the library right now is $8.20, so I’m right behind ya. I love the broom trick — I may need to try that one sometime.

10 years ago

I am in a state of being behind too… my whole life feels behind. Is it this time of year or what? 🙂

10 years ago

I had to sweep up some crumbs under part of the table just so I could put my feet down while I had my coffee this morning. But I did sit and drink coffee. That sitting for a while at the beginning of my day helps keep me grounded. And I hope today goes better than yesterday.

10 years ago

Dear Shari,
Sorry for all the rush this time of year!!!!
I use the above link to keep track of library books. They will also email you when the books are due. If you are interested in the option. 🙂
I enjoy your photos and your word pictures!!!

Mama Zook
10 years ago

“hide and seek”…tell them to go hide….and you will find them! You may find some have fallen asleep in their hiding spot while you’re sweeping under the table, or folding the last laundry load, or making the bed. But then again, maybe yours wouldn’t fall asleep! =)

10 years ago

I’m behind when all the males in my house tell me there are no underwear in their drawers–err, dressers, 🙂 when the cereal crunches under foot in the kitchen, the ironing pile makes me dream of hiring a maid, and the thought of an hour of quiet could make me cry. 🙂 But right now, it is my fault that I am behind. Today is the first that I’ve really been at home since Saturday. Is it any wonder my baby wants his Mommy, and the laundry has multiplied? Hey, at least some of it is clean. 🙂

10 years ago

I was just suggesting to my friends that we start taking pictures of our kitchen sinks and floors and tables right after scurrying the children off to school. Then post them all to facebook. Then we’d all know we are ALL running behind. I never thot of the broom trick. What would you do about a counter-full of dishes I was *intending* to wash? 🙂

10 years ago

I know I’m running behind when I don’t realize till the next day that I 100% totally missed one of Katya’s many medical appointments . . . blush . . . hide my face. I feel like I’m jugging way too many balls all the time. No area of my life is really caught up any more. I tell myself it’s but for a season . . . some day . . . but I wonder . . . I thought life would be easier by the time my kiddos were older, but I think not. I think we can only do the best we can.

10 years ago

I actually totally lost my behind about 6 months ago…………………..
I think it’s still relaxing at Starbucks.

Rachel S
10 years ago

Being “behind” [for me] is only a temporary discomfort. As in, “today is frustrating because I had company 3 days and now my pile of bookwork is so high” kind of behind, or “I have 8 loads of laundry to catch up on because we were gone all week”. Being behind is usually the result of an abnormal change in schedule…and of course, always a result of my own choices. But I try to ignore the occasional crazy days and become more focused on the bigger picture of if my overall priorities are out of line; if I’ve been making continuous choices to pack out my schedule. I know change is needed when Ive got cranky kids because Ive been making them step in line behind the other demands. And I really know I’m behind when I glance forlornly at the things I REALLY want to be doing, things that refresh my soul, like gardening, flower beds, cooking healthy meals, but I “can’t” because of too much office work, or… fill-in-the-blank. Then it’s time to look at what can be cut out. It has SO much to do with time management too.

10 years ago

I must confess that the library scenario is a quite common one at our house. It doesn’t help that we have been known to check out over 100 books at one time. How ever DO I keep track of them all? Our library here doesn’t allow that now (since we moved) but our 45 limit is still hard to keep after. It is just easier to take all we can find and then ask them which ones are still over due. ( I think we have made enemies with the head librarian…she doesn’t seem to like us very well.) The ones at our previous library loved us and almost always forgave us of our numerous sins, because in WA they got more funding for how many books got checked out, and they knew we would bring them more money in with our reading habits 🙂 The one here glares at us because we get her precious books dogeared and water damaged (reading in the bath tubs?!) and she doesn’t have a rich state to give her more money so we are a liability rather than an asset to her library 🙂 except of course for the fines she loves to sock on us 🙂

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