Truth and chaff

I awoke one morning heavy, a weight of bad dreams pressing me into the mattress, the voice of the Accuser echoing in the room, hissing, taunting, blaming. His words were lies, all lies. I rose to shake them off, and yet—

There was that small grain of truth.

Satan is a coward and a cheat. He can never speak outright until he knows we’re buying it, and he can never come up with his own ideas: he slinks along behind the truth-speakers, inflating their words out of all recognition and proportion. It is an old and simple trick—“Did God really say you can’t eat from all the trees in the garden?”

Jesus says: I’d like to see you grow in this area, dear.

Satan whispers: And in this one and this one and this one. In fact your whole life is a mess. How can anyone put up with you? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

A friend says: You are a talented woman with a gift to offer the world.

Satan says: Aren’t you glad you have a gift? It’s not everyone has a gift. You’re really something. You can be king of the world if you just bow d…

A friend says: What you said really hurt me.

Satan slips in: And nothing you do can ever mend it. Our relationship is on the rocks and I am through with you, you dirty rotten good-for-nothing.

Life says: Someone else can do a better job at this than you can.

Satan says: See? I told you you were worthless. Your work will never amount to anything unless you get busy clawing your way to the top.

The quiet voice of truth gets lost in the confusion.

The weak crumble beneath his accusations. The strong stand against his lies—and against the truth buried inside them. Perhaps one in a hundred sift through his chaff to find the grain of truth—the Jesus-bit he is trying to bury in fluff, to choke in nonsense, to drown in despair. First convicted by truth, then condemned by lies, then shaking off the one to return humbly to the other: we join with Jesus in casting down the Accuser.

Don’t blow the truth away with the chaff. Return to find it and take it in—so small, so easily lost in the shuffle, that grain gives nourishment and life and the power to grow.

Lord Jesus, may all your daughters be taught of you.

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10 years ago

Thank you, thank you! Just what I have been facing, only I couldn’t put it into words…..

10 years ago

The Lord knew I needed to read this today. Thank you. May we all listen to HIS voice alone!

10 years ago

so true. so true!

I have been thinking about grain vs. chaff recently, but in a broader sense. Chaff will always be a reality in my life and even if it is simply chaff, it still matters what I do with it.

Jo Yoder
10 years ago

I believe that God led you to post this today, just for me and for someone I love dearly…Thank you for listening to His voice.

10 years ago

Thank you Shari. I’ve been wrestling with trying to figure out what “spirit” is speaking to me– some people say that if there’s confusion it is not of God: therefore, throw it out, don’t listen to it, cleanse your mind, etc. But this quote, “The quiet voice of truth gets lost in the confusion.” is what I believe I need. To sift out the truth from the error– and much wisdom to not get confused in the process.

10 years ago

I don’t even know how to start….I’ve read here for a long while and I’m not sure how I even found this site but once I found it I never forgot it and I’ve been coming back time and time again and to my shame….been silent. You write so many good things and I’ve always felt you have done it for Gods glory. This “Truth and Chaff” article is so good I’m begging you for the privilege of sharing it with my church ladies. On Sat we are having a ladies day of encouragement and I would love to print this out with your name on it and have it there. We are having a table for books, calendars, (the one Home Joys blogged about, how to pray for your family) inspirational material, and I just think this would be perfect to have there.
About me…I don’t know if you are related to the Zooks who were instrumental in the Skrivseth lives or not but I am married to a Weaver who’s mother was a Skrivseth. We live in Oregon and I have four children between 15 yrs and 6 yrs old.
About our church….well, I’m not sure what to say 🙂 We go by the name Halsey Mennonite Church. We have about 200 attendance,,,,time for an outreach, wouldn’t you say? There will be about 60 ladies at our ladies day. We are just trying to serve the Lord and fight the chaff. If all this makes you uncomfortable and you would rather I didnt do it that is fine. I just thought I would ask and I couldn’t find a contact button so I did it here. Or if you want to ask me anything else I will try to answer. Thanks for now.
Cheryl Weaver

10 years ago
Reply to  Cheryl

Aw. Thanks for asking, Cheryl. I’m honored, and you are more than welcome to use it in this way!

I’m also blown away by the Skrivseth connection. My husband’s grandparents were George and Dorothy. I know that’s who you’re talking about. Cliff & Loila are my parents-in-law.

Many blessings to you,

10 years ago
Reply to  Shari

Oh, thank you, thank you so much! I do appreciate it and feel like the timing is so perfect!

And thanks for filling in the blanks about the Zooks. I cant say that I really know them personally but I feel like I do from all I’ve heard. I especially think of them when I am feeling weary about summer Bible School 🙂

And many blessings to you, also,

10 years ago

I like this post.

10 years ago

Very good and very true Sheri! And you do have a gift for writing ( be quiet accuser). 🙂 Miss being in ladies

Jenn Barnhart
10 years ago

Here’s another “quiet reader” who has enjoyed reading what you have to share. I have often been encouraged, challenged and/or amused (in a good way:))by your blog; and particularly blessed by this post. What you say rings a bell with me – and I think probably would with any Christian woman. I am Jenn Barnhart, from the area where your sister Jean taught school a number of years ago. Thanks for sharing your heart!

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