January boredom buster

Hello, my pal! Welcome to Daffy Supper Land, where we eat with a shovel in one hand and a baby fork in the other. Have fun eating!

–Aarick Zook

Confession: When I was a teen, I spake as a teen, I understood as a teen, I thought as a teen: but when I became a woman, I put away teenage things.

Until my children made me dig them back out again.

What is it about Daffy Suppers anyway? I confess that for me they don’t hold the appeal they once did. I would far rather eat my dinner reasonably with a fork and a spoon and a little chunk of quiet. But to my children, they are just the riotous fun I remember. About once a year—just often enough to allay the begging, but not so often it becomes expected—we treat the kids to one.

A Daffy Supper consists of eating ordinary food with extraordinary implements. Each family member randomly draws another family member’s name, and chooses a place setting for that person: one dish, one cup, and two utensils, as “daffy” as they wish. Each person must eat supper with the trappings provided.

Here we have Exhibit A:

Exhibit A

  • Veggie tray
  • Egg cup
  • Soup ladle
  • Baby fork

And Exhibit B:

Exhibit B

  • Bread pan
  • Water pitcher
  • Bar server
  • Ice cream scoop

And then of course you have to cook something really fun like spaghetti…

You wouldn’t believe how much joy was milked from this silly experience. The kids wrote wacky placecards and messages. Ryan made me drink from a CD spindle case. He wanted to make me eat with a paint scraper, too; but it was rusty and I rebelled.

So the kids had a blast and we adults played along, and in the end we all had a whole lotta fun.

How do you bust boredom in January?

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10 years ago

Daffy suppers always remind me of sitting beside a cute girl back in the late ’90s and trying to avoid making a complete imbecile of myself using obtuse tableware. Mutual shame… the ties that truly bind, eh?

10 years ago

This is the cutest idea ever! Wish I would’ve thought of this when my kiddos were little. Actually, it would probably be fun to do on some random night now, just to see what they’d do. 🙂

10 years ago

What fun!

10 years ago

My kids would LOVE this.

What do we do in the winter???

Currently the kids are up cleaning the attic.

I taught them how to play ‘hibernation’. It’s a pretty cool game in which you dive under blankets and rest quietly until you’re pretty sure the next season has arrived.

We read aloud and the kids give me a royal spa experience. 🙂 (hair and feet mostly)

We make entire cities from k’nexs and legos that sprawl over the entire house.

10 years ago

I thought a daffy supper was a wonderful idea. The children did, too. One of our children ended up standing on her chair to eat because the 5-gallon bucket couldn’t be accessed any other way! Andrew had to eat with home-made utensils cut from a styrofoam plate. He drank his water through a 3 ft length of plastic maple syrup tubing. And I had to eat – I was NOT prepared for this! – from three large clamshells that had been gathered from the river last fall!
Thanks for the idea! It brought our family alot of joy. Jolynn

10 years ago
Reply to  jkschmucker

Ooh! Cool ideas. I am having fun thinking of those clamshells. 🙂 Brave lady.

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