Train ride at the Erie Zoo

train corner


What do children think of, waiting for the train to start?



Why do they even have that dark tunnel?


Why does the giraffe wrap his tongue around the railing? He does it every year.


erie zoo train

How did my baby get so big so fast?

kelly on caterpillar

I am shattered by her pigtails.

kelly's hair

Erie Zoo, Erie Pennsylvania

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Mama Zook
11 years ago

I guess you know I’m just tickled with this post! Love seeing all those little people. Thought about Aarick’s adult teeth…when did that happen? …is that a tell tale trace of something sweet around Regan’s mouth? and Kelly…little runny nose, cute little grin to melt the heart, and already big enough for ponytails…Wow, it’s time for us to make a trip to see them before any wedding plans are being made! Love you all, and are so looking forward to hugs (live ones)

11 years ago

cute little people. I can easily see why Grandma Zook is tickled!

Mom Coblentz
11 years ago

These are the cutest kids…especially the turned down mouth, snot and tears. I’m proud to claim them as my ‘grands’!!!


Mama Zook
11 years ago
Reply to  Mom Coblentz

love your description! Where’s the kleenex!

11 years ago

I looked at your baby girl in church the other week and I thought: “How did Kelly get so big?” I can imagine how you – her mother – feel that even more.

I love trips to the zoo! Looks like fun!

11 years ago

These bring back the best memories ever ~ I’m so happy you shared these!!

11 years ago

What fun!! I love the delight in your children’s eyes. Kelly is so much bigger than when I last saw her. She is so beautiful!

11 years ago

Aw, I thought the same thing Grandma Zook did–when did Aarick grow those “big” teeth? The kids
look like they’re really growin up! Time for a visit with cousins.

11 years ago

First picture = unbeatable, sparkling eyes.

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