A theoretical date with George

This post is not a confession. I ought to have one blog on which to confess and one on which to brag. But you wouldn’t read the brag blog, would you? Oh that’s right, you would–you already read fifty others. Sigh. You’ll just have to put up with the occasional non-confession from the Confessions girl. Sorry bout that.


Well, congratulate me. I am officially First Aid & CPR certified.

Among the dates I never imagined having with The Boss (Yes. He is. Spank him if you see him.) was the one we enjoyed last night: shuttling the kids to Grandma’s, grabbing Wendy’s French fries and burgers to go, and taking a four-hour training session giving chest compressions to naked dummies.

“George” looked a little too lifelike, and the baby was even worse.

But I know how to do it.

I know how to tell the difference between a poisonous and nonpoisonous snake bite.

I know to treat a burn.

I know what “open the airway” means.

I know what 4x4s are.

I know how to tourniquet.

I know how to check for stroke symptoms.

I know how to use an EpiPen to treat an allergic reaction.

I know how to use a rescue inhaler.

I know how to create a makeshift splint.

I know how to properly preserve an amputated body part.

I know how to use an AED to shock the dickens out of anybody so foolish as to try dying within my sight.

And now that I am all puffed up and loaded for bear, I am praying the Lord not to let anybody I love force me into converting theory to practice, so help me. I’ve called 911 exactly one time in my life and it was horrifying.

An unusual date indeed—Step 245 in preparing for fostering.


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10 years ago

wow, this doesn’t sound like the nervous lady I met a few hrs. before taking her training.. .glad it was successful.

10 years ago
Reply to  Donna

[sheepish grin] I was sure I was gonna flunk–or have to practice on a real human.

But it was very confidence building. No, I know what it was though: those unbelievable chocolate chip cookies! I ate one on the way in and I *know* that made a difference.

10 years ago

Congratulations! I took that stuff WAY too long ago. Please Lord…I don’t remember it anymore and please let Shari be the first one on the scene instead of me.

You are so funny. Of course there is NO WAY I would ever spank The Boss if I should have the privilege of meeting him.

10 years ago


And I didn’t comment on your other announcement about fostering. Congratulations! I’m cheering for you and your family in this big, exciting adventure.

10 years ago

rats, another blog I will have to follow! congrats on getting your CPR and FA training. i’m an instructor, so I had to smile at the stuff that stuck out in your mind. Like what I’ve read so far you have a talent with words…love the “true love” just a note a lot of what you wrote will come back to you as you foster.

10 years ago

I loved taking first aid and cpr. And flunk? I don’t think you can flunk these classes!!! Go you!

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