The night owl gets the worm

Life around home / Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Confession: I have played one game unceasingly for the last 9 ½ years.

And I’m boss for the month!

[insert celebratory jig]

Here’s how it works. Because today is the first of the month, I crushed my husband’s expectations in one fell swoop at midnight, with these simple words: “Happy August!”

Now I get boss rights.

I won’t repeat what he said in reply. I assume there are some tender ears in this batch, and I wouldn’t want to smoke the crushed flax. Or whatever.

In his defense, he usually remembers to say it first, which makes him boss about 70% of the time. He thinks this may have to do with having a superior IQ, but I doubt it. He also suggests that it may have to do with being disciplined enough to wake up before sevensies. But who wants to beef about a little thing like that?

We’ve been playing this game since our dating days, but we’ve never quite nailed down what this boss thing means, exactly. Some rights are best held loosely. Let’s just say it comes in handy in arguments, and questions of—say, McDonald’s or Red Lobster.

Good times comin!

14 Replies to “The night owl gets the worm”

  1. That’s funny. For some reason, this month I thought about your game and wondered if you still play it and if so, who got August. 🙂 Now I know… Go Sis! Ham it up, especially if you usually only get it 30% of the time.

  2. I’ve got to admit, I think of you guys almost every first day of the month. It may because I wish we’d play “the game” too (mostly because I’m sure I’d be the winner at least 80% of the time). Wouldn’t that be fun? I think it would take only a couple of tries before Daryl would vote down “the game” in our situation. 😉 Have a great month!

  3. and I love the game too, just not sure at this stage of our lives if either of us would remember until about the 5th or 6th of the month (or later)!! You go, girl!! Red Lobster for sure!

  4. Oh, oh, how this made me chuckle. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your month.

    Travis was wondering where sevensies comes from. He has been trying to recall, but can’t and, well, it is bugging him. 😉 Travis also suggested that you set your phone to ring on the first of the month at about 12:01 and then you could be boss more often.

    1. I’m grinning to think of Travis trying to remember this. I should make him try harder, but it sounds like something from The Lord of the Rings… the hobbits’ “elevensies” snack between second breakfast and luncheon. I just like the sound of the word.

      I would love to set my alarm. Two problems: a) I am married to a master of technology, who would beat my socks off if I played the game that way… and b) one of our game rules is that we may not awake the other; he/she has to be awake already. Ahh… which explains why usually, as I’m blinking sleepily awake after he’s already had an hour to get his brain on, he says it first. 😉

  5. He had in mind that segment from Lord of the Rings, but then he thought maybe it was from something else. He was glad to hear that he was correct. 😉

    I guess, you are doomed to not win more often, but really doesn’t the extra sleep make up for it? 😉 (I almost always get up after Travis too!)

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