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I was recently privileged to interview with the -ing Podcast, by MennoMedia. Their tagline is Leading, Growing, Being, and their episodes are entitled things like Rejoicing and Understanding and Worshipping. My episode is called Searching, a title that surprised and pleased me.

I really enjoyed talking with Ben Wideman, the producer of the podcast. I found his questions insightful and engaging, which was helpful because I did not get to see them ahead of time and I am not wonderful with impromptu.

You can take a listen here, or look it up where podcasts are found.

Hang in there for the commercial break in the middle… We come back.

Hope you enjoy it too.

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Judy Roth
1 year ago

It was fun to hear your voice, Shari! You did a good job. I particularly noticed how you were often able to respond to the interviewer’s comments with more than a “Yes!”, but able to take off from there with more of your own input. Beautiful content making the case for opening up about the painful realities in our souls…

1 year ago

What fun! You did such a good job. I think I would get flustered and talk way too fast and ramble. So glad you got to share your voice in this way. Literal. Voice. Get it? Ok, sorry. ????

1 year ago

LOVED hearing your voice and connecting it with your picture in my head! Thank you again for your vulnerability and transparency.

1 year ago

I loved listening to your interview today. You did a spectacular job and I’m proud to call you friend.

Shaunda Stoltzfus
1 year ago

articulate. authentic. I always knew I liked you.

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