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It’s a quiet morning in Meadville. Beautiful. The rain and snow of a week ago gave way to mild days, an Indian summer of the last golden leaves, and air that holds its breath waiting.

Thank you for your responses, public and private, to my last post, for sharing pieces of your lives. I appreciate your vulnerability and faith – it also strengthens me. I wish I had more to say, words that could fix what is broken. There are so many different ways that we need the grace of Jesus, and in the end, so nearly the same.

To the one who gave it, thank you for the silent Symphony, which came in the middle of a difficult day with many tears of shame and brokenness. I heard what you said and it went straight to my heart.


More soon.

I just wanted to say thank you for your responses, and I listened.

– Shari

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  1. For totally different reasons, most of which is attributed to abusive church leadership, my husband was forced to resign as a pastor. We have found Christ’s healing and restoration with the help of Life Counseling Ministries of Conestoga PA. I share this only as a resource if you are looking for services. Blessings as you continue this road toward healing through Jesus!

    1. Thank you! I’ve heard really good things about Life. I’m sorry for the pain you’ve walked thru – May God continue to bring redemption.

    2. Hello. I just wanted to tell you Thank you back. Our husbands share struggles. I soaked your posts up because I knew my husband struggled but similarly thought it was an old forgotten bedfellow. It was not. I have gone back and reread. If you have any advice on being The Wife and being of help please be aware that there are others waiting and soaking it up, we are quite young yet, married 7 years so I’m sure you have start advice. Thankyou for your openness and honesty. May God bless you and yours and I’m praying for you all even tho we dont know you.

      1. Oh honey – I’m sorry. Somehow knowing others go through this is more heartbreaking than comforting to me right now – I wish none of it happened. Know that I care, I relate, I am saying a prayer for you. I will share what I can as we walk forward. ❀ Don’t be afraid to reach out to those nearest you – I hope you are. Thank you for praying for us and reaching out. Best of blessings of faith, comfort, and God’s sustaining love.

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