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Life around home, Promotions / Wednesday, November 11th, 2020

Confession: One of my sisters-in-law and I could talk planners all day long. We exchange WhatsApp messages comparing their perks and what we love. It’s sooo fun.

My choice this year is Sue Hooley’s Daily Planner, available from Christian Light Publications (who produced it), Christian Learning Resource (if you’re from my hometown), or Amazon. Here’s what I love about it.

1. Pretty cover, spiral binding

The cover is laminated and durable, besides just plain cute. I love the colors. The spiral binding is nice and big, easy to work with – pages don’t catch when you turn them.

2. Laminated tabs

We have Year, Month, Week, Tasks, Projects, Info, and Shopping. These sections offer spreads of each category, with space to plan and personalize. Plus those divider pages are full color, leading to a nice little pop in the middle of monochrome pages.

3. Muted background graphics throughout

All text is in plum color to match the cover. But most pages have background variations of the cover images – think more like stationery than plain pages.

4. Highly adaptable sections, with LOTS of space for brainstorming

This is usually missing from the planners I buy. Either there’s not enough space, or the space is too specific – like “plans for personal development at work” or “my garden layout down to the last seed” when what I really want to write about is the menu for a child’s birthday party, or the Bible verse I just came across, or my upcoming schedule for dog vaccines.

In this planner, inside the Tasks, Projects, and Info sections, there’s a ton of flex with how they’re used. Just pretty pages, varied designs, and whatever I want to do. Yay!

5. Perforated shopping lists

Lots and lots of them. And a pocket inside the back cover.

6. Weekly spread that covers thirteen months, starting December 2020

Which means I get to commence sooner. Insert big cheesy grin.

7. Perfect price

I’m not sure how you can beat $15.99 on Amazon – I think that’s pretty thrifty.

In short, it’s a nicely compact and efficient planner, but charming and spontaneous too. I’m excited to give it a try!

What’s your favorite planner?

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32 Replies to “My Choice of 2021 Planner”

    1. I am starting to wonder where I have been all these years. I remember checking this planner out earlier and for some reason voting it down – maybe because I was sold on the Time Keeper at the time. (I still like it, but there’s not enough space for me.) Glad to hear others have long used and loved this one!

  1. This looks beautiful. This year I have been using a sketch book and drawing all my own lines and sections. Then I doodle & color while I think and organize. I’m liking it, because I haven’t been able to find a planner that has the exact categories I want.

    1. I LOVE this idea, but it’s too much work for me or else I’m not a good enough doodler. 🙁 I’d love to see somebody’s. Maybe it would spark something for me… Good for you!

  2. This planner has been a favorite of mine. I’ve used it since I got married in 2011. I love the layout and I also love to see the new cover design each year.

  3. I like A Plan in Place by Susanna Glick. It’s a larger size which is great for desk top, not as compact for purse. But its also got shopping list, cleaning by room, gardening, etc. Plus the fact that it’s designed by a fellow adoptive mom includes appeal. I like the pockets front and back as well…

  4. You are much more thrifty than I am in the area of planners. 🙂 I have been using Erin Condren’s planners for years. For sure 8 or more. Last year I tried buying a cheaper one but I really, really did NOT like it, so ended up returning it and going back to my old faithful. I am very much of a planner and have to write everything down (even if it is just to cross it off the list 😀 ) so need lots of space. Plus, I have been buying from her for so long, I always get discounts and coupons, so that helps.

  5. I’ve been getting this planner every year either for Christmas or my birthday. It’s the only planner I use. I used to get Anne Geddes planners because of the cute babies but when I discovered Sue Hooley’s Planner I was hooked.

  6. I have Sue‘s planner again this year. The Time Keeper is nice too. “Guiding the House” by Dianna O. I think is ideal for someone with a larger family or a homemaker that “has alot going.”
    It’s fun to read what others write in their planners…cards I want to send a certain week can be written down for that week, things I want to discuss with hubby can also be written in (so I don’t forget), and points I want to discuss on a conference call (think “stay at home spring”) to name a few! …

  7. I’m an Erin Condren Life Planner fan. I used a Time Keeper for a number of years but needed something bigger, so I switched over and can’t seem to get away! 😍

    1. And I’m with you on the talking planners all day long. It’s a favorite subject of mine. 😅 Probably because I would be lost without mine!

  8. Did you know that I am big fan of Sue Hooley’s planners as well!!??! I have been using hers for several years now and it really fits my needs. I love all the extra space for my random lists and massive brainstorming fits that fall under basically no category.

    1. Oh my word. I did not know that! I thought you were a Time Keeper girl. Maybe we’ve talked about this and I just forgot… For some reason it was in the back of my head that I wanted to check this one out sometime – might have been you! ❤️

      1. This is my favorite too. Having more space for all my notes is what sells me. Sue has increased the number of extra pages over the years.

  9. I’ve been looking at the Sacred Ordinary Days planners. They’re expensive, but I love the idea of a planner that incorporates the church calendar and readings. They have a a weekly version or a daily/weekly version.

  10. I’ve discovered Gracelaced this year, read both books by Ruth Chou Simons, “Beholding and Becoming” and “Gracelaced”. Loved the encouragement, the beautiful design and artwork so much that I ordered the planner and also the “Prepare Him Room” advent cards!! I could go in and on about the books — how much they have impacted my heart and how many I have given as gifts, but I won’t. Just go check them out for yourself! Anyway I’m excited to use the planner and living this life laced with grace!!! 💜

  11. Good choice! I started using Sue Hooley’s part way through 2018. Then I was gifted The Time Kreeper for Christmas and used that for 2019 n 2020. Now Im used to that one. The Time Keeper turns into a bit of a diary for me (I keep a separate journal). I think its neat that i can look back on Nov 22 1 yr ago and see what was significant about that day. 🙂 I think the Time Keeper helps me to live life more intentionally. If i was managing a household of more than one, Id probably want something larger. But for one person, it works well. 🙂

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