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While we are in the promotional mode—

It’s been a while since I talked about my advertisers! I’m grateful to these businesses and want to give them a little shout-out, a more personal introduction than I’ve done so far.

Kauffman’s Fruit Farm

I was introduced to this 100-year-old family business through my friends Sheldon & Joann Kauffman. Their apple cider is the best! They also sell and ship fruit trees, bulk food products, fruit baskets, and their signature apple butters. I appreciate the Kauffman’s straightforward honesty and quality work. They know fruit, and have perfected what they do!


Byler’s Relish House

I’ve been blessed to do some product work for BRH. I’ve shot some photos for them, and taste-tested a few products to write descriptions and suggest uses. Their preserves are wonderful—from classics like peach and black raspberry to an entire no-sugar-added line. They also have a wide range of pickles, barbecue sauces, relishes and salsas, good enough to eat straight out of the jar. {I have had experience with this.}

(Shown here is pulled pork with Bylers’ Honey Barbecue Sauce.)


Yoder Financial Services

Dennis Yoder is a numbers man. He’s good at math and taxes, two areas in which some of us need a little assistance. He’ll help you navigate red tape and the intricacies of the Obamacare requirements, with inexpensive options for initial consultation with him. He offers financial advice, bookkeeping solutions and payroll services.

Plus his sister teaches my son in second grade—so you KNOW the Yoders among the few, the proud, the brave. In the best sense.


Christian Learning Resource

CLR is the local bookstore of which we are proud! But they’ll also ship across the country. They offer an excellent choice of school/ homeschool curriculum, plus great books and quality music. I love their books by authors I know: Anita Yoder on living well, Sharon Yoder on singlehood, Steven Russell on nonresistance, Beatrice King on cooking, and Desiree Kuhns on math class openers. It’s a fun website to browse, especially if you’re a book lover like me.


Several of these ads are nearing the end of their six-month run, and I’ll have an opening coming up. I think it’s a niche location for Mennonite businesses to advertise, particularly those who can ship their products across the country. If you have a business you’d like to advertise for, contact me ([email protected]) and we’ll talk about options and details.

It’s been fun to connect my readers with great products and services. Thanks for being interested!


Have you interacted with these businesses? Any words to offer in their praise?
What other online vendors do you enjoy?

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9 years ago

I love Christian Learning Resource. I have been there in person and I always want about half the books in the store. At least.

The other two I didn’t know about, but their websites make me salivate!

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