Giveaway: White Hill Pottery

Celebrations, Creations / Monday, February 23rd, 2015

As of Tuesday, March 3, this giveaway is CLOSED.


I see none of you were brave enough to say “Forget the story; gimme the giveaway.” Thanks for that. You’re sweet.


Hello there.

A week or two ago I asked you to share a cup of tea with me, and now I’d like to offer you—the cup!

mugs (1)

I {almost} don’t need any words at all for this giveaway; the product speaks for itself. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful handmade from clay.

White Hill Pottery is based in Virginia, run out of the basement of Darrell and Alison Hershberger. Alison does the pottery making herself; every piece is hand-thrown. Do not ask me how she manages this alongside being a pastor’s wife, a true friend, and a mother of three—she just does. She’s continually exploring new items or styles, and perfecting her existing ones.

mugs (5)

She and I are offering one of you readers a mug, your choice of the two. There’s a beautiful blue…

mugs (8)

and a rich earth brown.

mugs (7)

I love the textures and varied glazes Alison works into her products, and the perfect, perfect shapes. The one shown here happens to be a new shape for her. Isn’t it a beauty though? So petite in appearance, but able to hold a full 12 ounces of your favorite hot beverage. I measured.

mugs (4)

(Do you want this cup yet or should I keep talking?)

I was given one of Alison’s mugs last year, and I use it nearly every day. Her pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe, and like stoneware, holds the heat of your coffee. She also makes vases, pitchers, and bowls. On her White Hill Pottery website, you can take a look at the other products. {Click here.}

mugs (3)

Only one of you can win. But it’s Alison’s wish, and mine, that you keep her in mind when you need a new piece of pottery, or a pretty gift for a friend. She’d be happy to ship you one!

mugs (9)

To enter the drawing to win, please leave a comment stating WHY you think you should win, and who you think should definitely NOT win. Just kidding.

Please leave a comment with the simple recipe for a hot (or cold) drink you love. It doesn’t have to be precise, or fancy, or from scratch—Hot milk and a packet of Swiss Miss with a mound of whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel works for me. Then we can get ideas from one another, you see. As we speak, the outdoor temperature at my house is negative five degrees Fahrenheit and I need to think warm thoughts.

I’m not *requiring* you to share the giveaway with your friends, but please do: we are NonSnatchers, remember? So we think of others who might want cheese. And we tell more people about Alison’s work.

I am so happy to share this chance with you. Enjoy!

mugs (6)

Terms, Conditions, & Disclaimers:

  • The only item available for giveaway is a mug. Chocolates, hot drinks, great books, fraying burlap, and old crate not included. Or cheese either, just in case anyone was confused about that.
  • The beverages shown above were inserted into the mugs for photographical purposes only. This pottery is brand new and has never been drunk from. I promise.
  • It’s okay if someone else in the comment section shares the idea for the same drink as yours. You can’t be an original ALL the time…
  • Persons of any gender, age, race, criminal history, religious preference, and geographical location are permitted to enter this giveaway. The only requirement is a US MAILING ADDRESS. If you live off the continent and know of a friend who wouldn’t mind storing (using) your mug for a few months until your furlough (if you win)—please enter. I’d be honored. (Your friend would too.)
  • Giveaway closes in one week, at midnight on Monday, March 2, 2015. Winner will be chosen by of 12:00 am Tuesday, March 3, this giveaway is closed. Thanks for joining!

178 Replies to “Giveaway: White Hill Pottery”

  1. I can think of any number of friends I would love to give this to.

    How can I choose between favorite hot drinks? Hot mint tea, hot cocoa mix from Esther Shenk’s cookbook with some homemade cappuccino mix thrown in, or just regular coffee with cream and sugar… They’re all great at the right times.

  2. Foxtrot tea blend from Adagio teas would be my favorite or a cup of pour over coffee would be perfect. Handmade mugs are my favorite.

  3. Iced Tea or iced coffee in the summer and pretty much any flavor of steaming coffee in the winter! I should win this because I really like mugs and the thought of adding one of these to my collections makes me feel happy!

  4. Surely the taste of a vanilla latte in that gorgeous, gorgeous mug must be richly enhanced! I love love pottery mugs and someday I tend to have one of my own! These are exceptinal!

  5. Beautiful mugs! I recently made mocha floats. 3 cups boiling water, 1/4 cup cocoa,1/4 cup sugar, 2 tblsp. instant coffee. Stir till dissolved, chill, mix with vanilla or chocolate ice cream in blender. Add milk if it’s too thick. Top with whipped cream and chocolate. Yum 🙂

  6. I am a huge fan of hot drinks as well as White Hill Pottery. It’s much easier for me to name my favorite potter than my favorite hot drink….

    Coffee always goes down well. I also really enjoy making a quick Chai Latte by steeping a chai tea bag in milk and then adding some caramel, sugar and a little cinnamon and/or nutmeg.

  7. Hmm, my favorite drink from a mug. That would depend on the time of day:-) Mornings I go for French vanilla cappuccino, just heat up a mug of half water and half milk and add instant mix from Sam’s Club then I can get on with waking up and reading email and blogs! After supper and some afternoons I have a mug of coffee with sugar and French vanilla creamer.

  8. Those are beautiful! I think white chocolate peppermint mocha is at the very top of my favorite list…. But I haven’t a clue how to make it!:)

  9. I’m a huge fan of mocha anything so here’s a delightful recipe for mocha smoothies: 2 c brewed coffee chilled, 1/2 c fudge sauce, 4 ice cubes, 1 c coffee flavored ice cream. And there you are! enjoy!

  10. My coffee routine involves a healthy splash of whipping cream and Monin syrup (chocolate mint is my favorite), heated and frothed with Kirkland coffee. It is meant to be lingered over.

    Also, my blue pottery mug is broken. And it wasn’t even me, she says indignantly.

  11. It would be the mug of choice to contain the first cup of morning coffee. As my mom says, the first sip is the best! I’m easy to please, as long as we have half and half 🙂

  12. This is the only blog giveaway I have entered. (White Hill Pottery, you know that I know who you are and yes, you may flatter yourself! Your products are taking the world by storm and I can see why) Actually, I wouldn’t drink often from this mug but would highlight it in our new home where I plan to display lots of original artwork by friends.
    On the occasion that I do drink a hot beverage: Maxwell House International, vanilla caramel latte, straight from the tin and heated with water.


  13. Here’s another plain coffee fan. 🙂 I love large mugs with fresh, hot coffee. Black, please.

    Those mugs look amazing! I may have to buy my own if I don’t win. 🙂

  14. My favorite hot beverage needs no recipe: steaming black coffee brewed with freshly-ground beans. My diabetic tendencies have forced me to give up my former sweetened favorites. A beautiful new mug would help to take away the sting of the injustice of it all.:-D

  15. Those mugs are beautiful. I have a favorite pottery mug of my own and know a friend who deserves one of those. I love to sit and sip a cup of coffee with a good bit of creamer or a cup of chai tea with a lot of whipped cream on top and sprinkled with cinnamon or nutmeg.

  16. These mugs look like the perfect shape for wrapping your fingers around and I must have a mug with a lip on it. As for what goes in it…black coffee – I’m a purist!

  17. I want to say “Pick me! Pick me!” But that’s not appropriate after the string cheese story. The mugs are both beautiful.

    Here’s a (large) recipe for a cappuccino mix that disappears at an alarming rate in our household : 4 c. creamer, 2 c. dry milk, 1 1/2 c. sugar, 1 1/2 c. 10x sugar, 3/4 c. instant coffee granules (I often put in a whole cup), 3 T. Nesquik choclate powder, 1/2 t. salt, 1/2 t. cinnamon, 1/4 t. nutmeg. Add heaping 1/3 cup of mix (more or less) to a mug of hot water or milk (varied opinions in the house as to which is better). I like what the spices do to this drink. I used to be a French Vanilla Cappuccino fan, but now those seem rather bland and boring. 🙂

  18. Those are beautiful mugs!! What I “make” the most is fresh brewed coffee with a splash of creamer. I like variety, but my favorite flavor is hazelnut.

  19. These mugs are absolutely beautiful. If I win it will be very difficult to choose. My favorite hot drink is Dandy Blend with some cocoa powder, a smidgen of honey and enough coconut milk to cool it so I don’t burn my tongue.

  20. A splash of heavy cream, a small pinch of pumpkin pie spice and another splash of maple syrup. Warm up in the microwave just a little and fill the cup up the rest of the way with coffee. This has been my go to drink this winter!

  21. Oooooo……so pretty!! I love chai tea from scratch; one bag black tea, a few small chunks of fresh ginger, a cinnamon stick, and a few crushed cardamom pods. And some sugar of course:)

    please please pick me!!

  22. Beautiful mugs! I’d probably drink just plain black coffee before anything else, but since I like trying new recipes from other people I’ll share one too.
    Put the following in a blender: 2 cups strong coffee, a heaping tablespoon coconut oil, a splash of vanilla, 2 tbsp. sugar or maple syrup, and 1 scoop protein powder. Blend slowly while adding milk or cream to desired flavor. Pour into mugs and sprinkle with cinnamon.

  23. I LOVE these mugs!!! 🙂 and all the drink suggestions!!
    This morning I had cream and Sweet Blend (THM) in my coffee. As well as some whey powder and frothed it in the blender.
    A wonderful give away idea!

  24. I LOVE the blue mug! I think about anything would taste good in it!!:-) I’m a big coffee fan…. fresh ground 8’o clock coffee with creme is my favorite…. but I’ve also come to appreciate coffee with ‘unsweetened almond milk’.

    Oolong Tea sweetened with stevia….. is also a favorite.

    I absolutely love pottery, and stoneware, but only have one piece.

  25. My morning coffee ‘cuz I’m a coffee snob – I buy coffee beans from a local roaster (Master’s Touch Coffee), add a few drops of English Toffee Stevia and top with a glob of real whipped cream from my iSo dispenser (you know the kind they use at Starbucks).

  26. Oh my, so beautiful…….

    I am a Canadian tea snob though I do love coffee as well.

    One of my go to favorites is a London Fog made at home. Earl Grey tea, vanilla flavor (syrup or even just vanilla extract with sugar), frothed milk. ahhhhh.

    Add dried lavender if you want to be really authentic.

  27. I would love to add one of those beautiful mugs to my collection, especially since half of mine are packed away in storage right now. Strong coffee with real cream is my morning staple, but a chai latte is nice for a change.

  28. A favorite, simple hot drink that we enjoy is a mug of hot milk, frothed in a French Press; add a tablespoon or two of French Vanilla or White Chocolate syrup and drink up the warm deliciousness!

    We also enjoy Cappuccino mix from Aldi. It is super good!

    These mugs are beautiful!!!

  29. Once upon a time my sis introduced me to pumpkin spice lattes at a sweet little coffee shop and I just had to find out how to make my own. Combine 3 cups hot whole milk, 4 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla and 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice in blender. Blend until frothy. Pour into mugs 2/3 full and add dble strength brewed coffee. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice if you wish. I certainly don’t make this all the time but for a yummy treat- mmhmm.
    I’ve been following and admiring this artist’s work for a long while. Not to mention liking the artist herself quite well and I must say I’m a tad jealous that you’ve enjoyed her presence more recently than I have…would a mug made by her help me feel a little more connected to her again? 🙂

  30. Beautiful mugs make the beverage taste all the more exquisite, if you asked! My favorite by far is one mimicked from a true Starbucks we once had. 2/3 cup of hot coffee, a bit of eggnog, a drop of peppermint oil, a spoonful of swiss miss, and fill the cup the rest of the way with half & half creamer.

  31. Pottery mugs are my favorite, and I’m a fan of hot chocolate and hot cider, and steamers…not sure which is at the top. 🙂
    Even more than the hot drinks, I love the relationships that are grown over them. 🙂

  32. Wow…these are some beautiful mugs!!! I would love to win for the fact that either I could give the mug to one of my friends who loves coffee, or I could put some enjoy some fresh-cut flowers in my mug…beings my recipe for a cold/hot drink would consist of grabbing an ice-cold Coca-Cola and glugging it down. 🙂

  33. So beautiful!! My favorite drink from a mug would definitely be coffee with enough French vanilla creamer to cover the bottom of the mug.

  34. A friend mentioned one day that she adds a package of hot chocolate to her coffee for kind of a cafe mocha. I tried it and it’s delish! These mugs are adorable, by the way – in both colors.

  35. Ohhh those mugs are beautiful!!
    I am looooving French pressed coffee lately. So rich and yummy and fun. 🙂

    Also another fun one used with leftover French pressed or any strong coffee. Fill mug or cup 1/4 full with strong coffee. Add two parts of maple spice coffee syrup and one part vanilla. Fill rest of mug or cup with cold milk. Wa-laaaa! You have a delicious iced coffee drink called “the Stoltzfus drink”. It’s genius. And my last name isn’t even stoltzfus.

  36. I would love to learn this trade some day. Does your friend need an apprentice? Fav drink? Wassail~2 qts apple cider, 2 cups pineapple juice, 4 cups OJ, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 24 whole cloves, 4 sticks cinnamon

  37. Peppermint mochas! good strong black coffee, a scoop or so of hot chocolate mix, half a candy cane, and whipped topping with chocolate syrup on top. best way to get rid of leftover candy canes. 🙂 these mugs are gorgeous!

  38. What beautiful mugs! I love the shape and colors!

    My favorite coffee drink is described by a sign in my kitchen: “I like my cream and sugar with a touch of coffee!” 🙂 I’ve discovered Hills Bros Cappuccino mixes are delicious! I especially like their White Chocolate Caramel. Or any chocolate drink with peppermint and whipped cream!

  39. I am frequently wakened to a new morning by my sweet man setting a fragrant cup of coffee on the nightstand by my pillow. He’s a hardworking guy that takes time for his wife and 6 children. In my mind, he deserves a beautiful mug for his own morning cup of coffee.

    To me, a hot drink can’t get much better than a freshly brewed cup of Folgers Columbian with creamer and a bit of sugar.

  40. Why should I win? Because I have never won a blog giveaway before & it might restore my faith in such things…because the potter is a friend of mine and has roots in my corner of the world…because my morning cup of tea and my bedtime cup of tea and all the cups in-between would taste mighty marvelous in one of those mugs!!! The only issue I might have if I do win is choosing which mug I would like! Talk about a hard decision! 😉

  41. I love Allison’s pottery! I get to see it every single day when I wash my husband’s mug. I got one of Allison’s mug for him last summer – and I think it was the very best gift that I ever bought for him. He uses it daily and still thanks me for it.

    But I’ve been a little envious and have been thinking that I need one too! I would LOVE to win this – but if I don’t I will probably purchase one anyway.

    And my favorite drink. I’ve never liked coffee but the recent months I’ve found a new love. Every morning I pour half a mug of coffee, half a mug of milk, and a hefty dose of chocolate syrup. Yum! In the summer I do it iced coffee and cold milk with chocolate.

  42. Because the drink in the brown mug looks just like my current favorite way to drink coffee… 3/4 hot coffee, 1/4 scalded milk. Pour the milk in a glass jar, seal it, and shake for about 30 seconds. Voila!

  43. I think I should win because two of my sisters have her mugs. I am trying to stave off the big green monster. 🙂 Or because last time I was at Allison’s I was enamored by a little blue pitcher and forgot to buy a mug. 🙂
    My favorite hot drink will be Irish Berry’s Tea (perks to having sister with a boyfriend who was from Ireland), cream, and a pinch of sugar. It’s the very best!

  44. I’d love to win because I want to give a a beautiful mug to my mother – she deserves a mug as special as this! My favorite hot drink is whole milk heated up, with a little bit of sugar, vanilla extract, and pumpkin pie spice mixed in.

  45. I think the person that should NOT win this is my sister Grace… it’s clear she already knows about White Hill Pottery and loves it! I would say that I would be a good person to win this because you wouldn’t need to ship it. Allison could give it to my sister that lives there and she could bring it to me!

    Plain Black Coffee is one of my favorite hot drinks.

  46. Picking a favorite drink is like picking a favorite book… impossible. There’s coffee, freshly ground, with a little bit of creamer + hazelnut syrup + a big dallop of whipped cream on top. Maple hot chocolate and chai tea with milk & sugar are two other favorites… What beautiful mugs!!

  47. Earl Gray tea with cream and a dash of honey. It’s called “London Fog.”

    Oh yes! And I would be a great person to win because I’m studying at Faith Builders in Guys Mills, PA and left my old faithful mug in Kansas.

  48. My husband recently got into pottery in the last year. We love it and that brown mug would be my pick. My recipe that I love to drink is chai latte tea. The Oregon Chai Original Chai Tea Latte Liquid. You can buy it at Walmart

  49. These mugs are gorgeous! We love hot drinks and unique mugs at this house. 🙂

    Brewed coffee is often made a couple times a day here and we drink it with or without a splash of flavored creamer. We always keep a collection of teas and other instant hot drinks too. But we love when we have fresh Italian coffee beans on hand, so Travis can make latte’s.

    Here is a drink recipe that I came across this winter, that we have enjoyed a few different times. It can be made in a big coffee percolator for ease of serving for a large crowd. We also like to put the leftovers in the refrigerator and heat it up cup by cup.

  50. How many reasons to give for winning? Huh? You don’t wanna read them all? Ok, I’ll stop with just 2.
    – No need to ship since I’m local
    – You could use it every time you stop in…. at least if I’m not slurping at the moment.

    My all time fav, hands down, is white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of espresso. But I do love plain black coffee, as long as it’s a good brand and freshly ground beans.

  51. Oh my! Oh my! I LOVE pottery and just declared that I would start a collection of pottery these are gorgeous!
    My favorite drink since my husband bought me my very own espresso machine is a vanilla latte. Simple to make: 1 shot of espresso, steamed milk and 2 tsp of vanilla syrup. And you can totally make it with strong, black coffee too.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Irish breakfast tea with milk and raw sugar is my absolute favorite happy drink! I had the privilege of watching Allison at work. She is an amazing person, as well as an amazing potter. I love the blue mug! 🙂

  53. My all time favorite is a Peppermint Mocha, topped with whipped cream, and a drizzle of chocolate. But I certainly don’t have one every day. 🙂 I do love a cup of simple black coffee…breakfast blend is my favorite.

  54. A good cup of coffee. Make it strong…. don’t cut it short in anyway. I am hooked on GOOD coffee, discount grocery helps a lot in getting good coffee, at a good price. We buy dark roast! Good smooth flavor!

    The mug would be a great to put that good coffee in for my morning wake up!

    I will check out the product as well.

  55. Since I drink just plain hot chocolate or coffee, without all the calories in the fixings, a beautiful mug would really enhance my coffee hour. Also the handles broke off my two favorite mugs and I feel too stingy to buy another one.

    I might add that I never ever blogged before, if that’s what you call this. 🙂

  56. so beautiful, those mugs. and a favorite hot drink? that’s way too hard. but probably simply fresh brewed coffee-the stronger the better, and completely black.

  57. These mugs are beautiful, I love Allison’s work!!…One of my favorite hot drinks is black tea with frothy milk and sugar.

  58. Why should I win? So I can give it to my mom. My new favorite hot drink is bulletproof coffee. Brew strong coffee, blend with 1 tbsp each of butter, coconut oil, and half and half. Enjoy!

  59. Oh my word! Those mugs are absolutely gorgeous!!! One of my fav drinks is hot milk with a good splash of vanilla and a bit of sugar. So comforting!

  60. Doing pottery is one of the things I’ll do ‘when I’m big’ (I’m 26 now, but that list is still long. Maybe soon I’ll have to change it to ‘when I’m retired.’)

    Fresh, hot Coffee with heavy whipping cream is a perfect start to my days.

  61. Coffee is at the top of the list!! I also enjoy hot teas-the latest favorite is chai tea from a tea bag with some cream and honey!! Delicious and comforting!!! I love mugs and these are beautiful!!

  62. Two favorites…Hot chocolate with a marshmallow peep floating on top…or…Coffee with leftover soft ice cream mix as the milk/creamer. Delish!

  63. Give me simple Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with lots of marshmallows! And since i never blogged before…and since i never owned such a beautiful piece of pottery, that mug should be mine. Nevertheless, i never win such things as this, so most likely it won’t be me. If I don’t get it, I hope my sister does, so we can fight over it later. 🙂

  64. That is some beautiful work. I’m always a sucker for pottery. Many faves but a mint tea bag dropped in my hot chocolate is always a treat. ( I can easily find you a US address to send that to.). In the meantime, I’m going to hop on over to her website. Thanks!

  65. Who doesn’t love pottery? And mugs at that.

    Favorite hot drink of all time and has been for several years:

    Chai Latte

    5 cups water
    2 cinnamon sticks
    5 cloves
    ½ tsp. allspice
    sprinkles of nutmeg

    Bring all these ingredients to a boil then add:

    5 single teabags (I use Lipton or Tetley) If making a big batch you could use family size bags too.

    Boil for 10 minutes

    add ¼-½ cup sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)

    Use ¾ cup concentrate to ¼ cup milk.

    Garnish with whipped cream and sprinkles of nutmeg. (Unless you have a milk froth machine like I do and drink it with 3 inches of froth on top. No whipped cream needed. Mmmmmmm.)

    I have given this recipe out countless times. It’s that good. Promise.

  66. I would love one of these beautiful mugs! My favorite hot beverage is plain black coffee, nice and strong. I also enjoy hot chocolate, and peppermint tea! I also enjoy reading your blog. 🙂 Keep up the great posts!

  67. We drink and serve a lot of hot drinks at our home. Lattes are the standard but we switch it up with breves (latte made w half and half), London fogs, and home made chai, Bengal spice is a favorite non-caffeinated option. We love White Hill Pottery mugs!

  68. I must say these mugs are quite beautiful! Allison does stunning work. I had bought a mug for my sister from her, and a bowl for my mother that she loves and uses quite alot! As far as a favorite hot drink- pretty much tea of any kind! Or black tea with sugar and frothy milk- delicious!

  69. I like to do half hot milk and half strong coffee, plus a shot of coffee syrup ( such as caramel, French vanilla, peppermint). Blend all in a blender to get nice and frothy. And of course top it with whipped cream!! 🙂
    I love these mugs!! such talent!

  70. I would be delighted to win the blue one! The other one is beautiful as well. My daughter gave me one of Allison’s pottery bowls for Christmas. I enjoy using it alot—the food inside feeds one’s body and the bowl feeds the soul! 🙂 My favorite hot drink is black tea (like PG Tips) with whole milk.

  71. These mugs are beautiful!! I had never heard of white hill pottery but now that I have seen these mugs I think I must have one. My favorite hot drink is a good strong cup of coffee with a lil peppermint creamer and some sugar and cream!!!

  72. I love hot drinks, especially tea, but in the land of Africa where it never gets cold, I have found a good cold iced coffee is perfect!! The recipe I use is 2 c. boiling water, 1/2 c instant coffee, 1 c sugar, 2 tsp vanilla, 1/2 c caramel syrup (I don’t have caramel syrup here, so I grudgingly omit this and replace with some chocolate powder – I keep meaning to research and find a recipe to make my own caramel syrup, but it hasn’t happened yet). Fill a nice tall glass with ice cubes, milk and a bit of cream for extra creaminess and enough concentrate to satisfy your own personal taste. I’m sure all the extra garnishes like whipped cream and chocolate syrup would be yummy, but doesn’t happen in the daily rush of life here!!

    Must I say the mugs are beautiful??? Lovely in fact…. but why linger long over wishing…???? 🙂

  73. New Holland coffee with Almond Joy creamer is my pick. Coffee always tastes better with a friend though and these mugs look like they would enrich the experience!

  74. Any drink would taste awesome in those mugs!
    I prefer coffee in the morning with a bit of caramel syrup or hazelnut creamer.
    Evening tradition at our house is to drink a cup of steaming mint tea with chamomile. So relaxing!

  75. I have a friend with a restricted diet that cuts out most traditional hot drinks. We went out for lunch yesterday, and discovered that a mug of hot water with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon is wonderful on a cold day, and involves no sugar, dairy, or caffeine. It was wonderful to find something we could enjoy together.

  76. I love pottery, and I love my husband’s home grown, hand picked, sun dried, home roasted coffee! I know, shameless bragging, but who wouldn’t? 🙂

  77. Gorgeous mugs!
    I’m not much of a coffee drinker but that mug could almost turn me into one. 🙂 Mine would probably hold Chai tea. Or an occasional soda. Yep. A dark colored mug is how I hide it from my kids. Wait; I don’t ever do that. Never.

  78. I was not going to add my name to this list, but these mugs have haunted me for 24 hrs and well, what can it hurt to try 🙂 I love Caribou coffee’s white chocolate peppermint latte, but at home, my favorite is Kirklands coffee with heavy whipping cream and a tad of coconut oil blended. I have a crush on beautiful mugs, especially pottery. Even if I don’t win this one, I just may be placing an order with white hill pottery shortly!

  79. My favorite is plain mint tea or cappuccino. The mugs make me want to curl up with a book by a fire and sip. The joys of winter.
    btw Shari I love your writing. Your so funny and human and honest. I would love to meet you some day. Yours is the only blog I read. Oh and just for interest sake, I’m 15. 🙂 Heres to the winner!

  80. Cafe con leche for me too! I’ve loved pottery for years and these mugs are beautiful! My last pottery mug cracked and this would be a perfect replacement.

  81. Are you sure we are not snatchers? I had to scroll the farthest down through comments I have ever had to on your blog…. 😉

    So I’ll join in the snatching and say that my go-to drink is coffee. Freshly-ground and French-pressed. Percolated coffee will never taste the same. 😉 (I still drink it gratefully, mind.)

    A little raw milk to top it off = morning mug perfection.

    Oh, I think I should win because I absolutely LOVE pottery and I only own three pieces of it and…yeah. I just should win, ok? 🙂

  82. Gorgeous mugs! I believe it would easily become my new favorite. My little family really enjoys a cup of hot vanilla milk occasionally. Just take 2 c. hot milk, 1 tsp. vanilla, and 1/4 c. sugar (or less), or just dump and taste. 🙂

  83. wow awesome pottery! love it! my favorite dairy free hot chocolate consists of dairy free butter melted Tblspoon, cocoa to taste, sugar to liking, mix together and add flax milk. It’d taste even better from a beautiful mug!

  84. I’m a long time reader, not that you’d know it since I never comment. I’m not sure what it says about me that a pottery mug and discussion about hot drinks is the first thing to make me brave enough to comment… 🙂

    My favourite hot drink is Kenyan coffee, roasted by my dad, preferably with half and half added. It has definite chocolate notes and makes me sigh happily just about every morning when I smell it in the grinder.

    (to play the Mennonite game…I’m almost your cousin…married to Matthew S. 😉 )

      1. Wow! Rhonda! Hi!
        It’s been a long time… I’d love to see you again…oh, she already said that.
        To play the Helmuth game…I’m pretty sure I am your cousin! Fun to see you here. Greetings from Oregon.
        Sorry, Shari, that probably broke some rule of blog comments, and I don’t know that she’ll see this, but I was excited to see her picture and comment. I also enjoy reading the pleasant mix of your posts without usually commenting. Sometimes funny, frequently thought-provoking, often intriguing. I have 9- and 7-yr-old boys, a 4-yr-old girl and 6-mo boy, so posts about life at your house are of interest. Plus I’m somewhat acquainted with the Zooks– love your MIL. Carry on!

        1. Not a problem! No rules broken here, esp when there’s a picture to make sure you have the right person. 🙂

          Thanks for introducing yourself. Our family’s ages are uncanny!

  85. Definitely going to check her website out! I LOVE my homemade cappuccino mix and I think it would taste much better in one of these beautiful mugs 🙂

  86. I’m one of those that has to admit Swiss Miss in a cup of hot water is my favorite hot drink – except that I add 2 packs instead of just one!

  87. I often envision myself like the man of legend who went around with a candle looking for truth; I on the other hand carry a coffee pot and my goal is a perfect mug to drink it from.

    Large enough to be worth your while.

    Large enough to warm your hands.

    Large enough … you get the picture

    Shape is important because it must be comfortable to drink from

    The best mugs in the world have sentimental meaning as well, and winning a mug on this give away would do a lot to put this mug into that category.

    Drinking coffee is very psychological, but I digress and all we needed here was one simple reason to snatch the mug. I’m sure God will answer my prayer and give it to me because I’m sure he wants me to get what I want. Too bad for the rest of you!

  88. I like mugs that I can nicely wrap my long fingers around..this looks like the right type. I don’t like those little corelle coffee cups. Well, my favorite homemade coffee recipe is for iced coffee(it may work as a latte, too-never tried it but pretty sure it would taste okay if you steamed your milk.)

    2 cups boiling water
    1/2 cup instant coffee
    1 1/2 cups sugar (for a more “godly” frappe, cut back on sugar) I sometimes put maybe 1 1/4 cups. ( BTW, I’m not a precise measurer)
    2 tsp, vanilla
    1/2 cup caramel syrup
    Put sugar in and heat with water so it dissolves. After it boils add the rest of the ingredients.
    Put concentrate in fridge and use as wanted. It takes 1/4 cup of this concentrate syrup to 1 cup of milk. I always like ice with mine so I put in a tad more than 1/4 cup cause I like my coffee flavor a little stronger.

  89. Hi Shari! It’s been a long time since we were staff children roaming the halls of MBS. 🙂 I’ve followed your blog for awhile and enjoy reading your perspective on life.

    Guatemala is home for me now and I enjoy Guatemalan Isabel coffee. I’d be delighted to drink it from one of those beautiful mugs.

    Thanks for letting us know about White Hill Pottery. I had never seen Alison’s work, but checked out the website. Looks lovely.

    Karen Bean de la Rosa

  90. OK, I declare myself a snatcher too! 🙂 I would love a mug like this but I think if I won I would give it to my husband. He’s a bit of a mug snob and his previous 2 perfect pottery mugs have gotten broken by sad accident. I think he would love one. My newest favourite healthy drink is Bambu, a coffee substitute, with a splash of milk! (I have a US mailing address too.)

  91. To sip in winter months or in the company of the many coffee lovers in our family…I enjoy a latte. I think I would tuck that mug away for a surprise on my husband’s birthday—he has a thing for mugs & would delight in it I’m sure!

  92. I think it would be great to sit in front of my fireplace on these cold mornings with one of those beautiful mugs and fill it with a good cup of coffee, add my favorite french vanilla creamer, squirt on some whipped cream and top it with a little caramel syrup!! Oh yes, and sitting there with the company of my sweet hubby would make it the best!! Boy….that would be just the thing!! I’d love to win! 🙂

  93. Beautiful mugs! Most winter days, we brew a pot of tea with 2 bags of whatever flavor we’re in the mood for–peppermint, apple spice, peach/mango, etc.,–sweeten it with raw sugar and/or honey, and sip throughout the day.

  94. Fresh ground coffee with cream and sugar. I love the blue one. I might even gift it to my husband also. Saint Patrick’s day is coming up and with his name being Patrick, I like to celebrate. 🙂

  95. What a perfect mug…and thanks for the intro to White Hill Pottery. I would add this to my collection of favorite mugs that put me in daily indecision as to which one I use for my morning coffee…pretty sure this would often win! And yes…coffee is the drink of choice.

  96. Love the mugs! Would use it often for my morning coffee, black with freshly ground beans. Would also use it for my occasional cup of chai or a latte. Janet S.

  97. Well hot drinks are easy to swallow on these cold days of winter and a beautiful mug would make it even easier. 🙂 Maxwell house coffee with french vanilla creamer (the coffeemate brand) is a great thing to wake up with. French vanilla cappuccino (the mix comes from a bulk foods store in Wisconsin that my cousin works at) is wonderful for an afternoon break. And a cup of peppermint tea with plenty of sugar is a peaceful way to end the day.–Michele N

  98. Oh, what can it hurt? 🙂 Beautiful mugs, I love what looks like a “thumb pad” on the blue one. At our house we love cappuccino, I believe the same recipe as one of your first posters gave. Also, we love a recipe I got from a friend:
    Warm Custard
    Bring 2 C. milk and 1/4 C. sugar (or more if you like it sweeter) to a boil. In a blender put 2 eggs, pinch of salt, and 1/8 tsp of vanilla. When milk is hot, start blender and add the milk to the eggs in the blender. Pour into mugs and serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cinn./sugar (and sometimes we add a dallop of whipping cream for fun!) I triple this recipe for my young family of 7.

  99. All you had to do was mention pottery and I’m in =). I have a deep, abiding weakness for pottery . . . and hot tea. My go to drink in the winter is jasmine tea, preferably jasmine dragon pearl. But that is way too expensive to have on a daily basis. I like Adagio’s Jasmine Yin Hao, but usually settle for our local Oriental Grocery’s tin of jasmine tea.

  100. I think I should win because I have a new love for hot butterbeer! To make take 1 bottle cream soda, 1 cup butter brickle ice cream, and 1.2 cup butterscotch syrup. Heat!

  101. What lovely pottery. I didn’t know Allison makes this. Wow.

    My morning routine is coffee prepared in a french press, served with real cream (flavoured creamer is from the bad place). Occasionally I’ll have a second cup in the afternoon or a mug of strong black tea with milk.

  102. Coffee. Just plain beautiful coffee is my favorite. Alison is a dear friend of mine and I have had the privilege of sharing coffee with her numerous times. I love her work.

  103. A cup of hot coffee with a splash of half and half first thing in the morning. I especially enjoy it when I have roasted the beans myself in my air popcorn popper! The mug is beautiful!

  104. I’d like to give this to a friend who often makes me tea when I visit.

    I love a hazelnut latte…a nice rich coffee with milk and hazelnut syrup…yum!

  105. What’s more comforting than coffee in a thick heavy mug? Especially pottery mugs….especially these absolutely gorgeous mugs? They would turn drinking coffee into an art.

    A new drink I’ve gotten addicted to this winter is Pumpkin Chai. Brew a bag of Chai tea in a cup of hot milk. Add a spoonful of pumpkin, a pinch of sugar, and pumpkin pie spice. Ah-h-h-h.

  106. Since my little one is currently not appreciative of my coffee habit, my hot drink of choice is water (hot) with half a lemon squeezed in and probably too much honey. A hot mug to hold is such a friend in the wee morning hours.

  107. Lovely mugs! Compliments to the artist! I really like the lip on the mug. My favorite is pour over coffee with hot milk, esp. when you get to enjoy it with a friend, or sister.

  108. Why I think I should win? My mug supply is getting quite thin seeing my kiddo with special needs has broken countless ones. The ones I have come from the thrift store. Still, it was hard to see them go one by one into the trash! Favorite hot drink–that would be herbal tea mainly with a tiny bit of honey and occasionally I indulge in hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows. Mmmm. I LOVE the blue mug.

  109. Those mugs are so beautiful! Where I live, we are not enjoying degrees in the negative, so my favorite beverage is still Pepsi on ice! I could hide that for breakfast in a mug such as that!

    I love your blog and you seem like you would be a fun person to get to know in person! =) I knew your husband when we were kids.

  110. I didn’t take the time to read 148 comments so I don’t know if this one was mentioned already or not. This is a cold drink – I know not fitting for winter but I love it. In a qt jar put 2 T. sugar, 1 T instant coffee, 1 c. coffee, and mix well. Add 1/4 tsp. vanilla and 1 1/4 cups of milk. Mix together and then fill the rest up with ice. Serve and enjoy.

    I also enjoy adding cappuccino mix to coffee.


  111. Those mugs are very beautiful!! 🙂 I enjoy something warm on these cold mornings!!! I enjoy adding my own cappuccino mix with my coffee!!

  112. Wow! A lot of people want that mug! And I don’t blame them one bit. I mean those are beautiful! The blue one is my favorite… it’s so beautiful. I guess I said that already. 🙂 Thanks for the link to a great gift idea.

    My favorite hot drink is chai tea with honey.

  113. I am not particularly gifted in the hot drink department, and honestly, I like it simple anyway. I usually use a hot cocoa mix, like Starbucks or Ghiradelli, I like to add a peppermint stick or flavoring, and a giant marshmallow! A friend of mine makes homemade marshmallows, and sometimes I will put a flavored one in the hot cocoa.

  114. I love heating a few tablespoons of cream in the microwave and then beating it until frothy and pouring it over my hot coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Mmmm delish! Just thinking about it makes it easier to get up in the morning 🙂

  115. Pour some milk in a main jar and shake for 30-60 seconds until frothy. Then microwave for 30 seconds. Using a spoon to keep the froth in the jar, pour milk into strong hot coffee. Spoon froth on top. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Wala! 🙂

  116. Looks like alot of people are wishing for one of Alison’s mugs! I am proud to personally know such a talented potter. I would like to believe that I had a teeny part to play in who Alison has become. Her mom and I are best friends…and helped to raise each other’s children. 🙂 My favorite part of my day is having quiet time with a warm cup of coffee in my hands…in one of Alison’s mugs of course!

  117. What beautiful pottery! I’m a sucker for pottery because it combines art, earth, and hot drinks… Favorites of mine, all of them.

    My every-morning drink is a breve, espresso and steamed half-and-half. But, then, I’m lucky enough to work at a coffee shop. When I drink coffee at home, it’s a Chemex pour-over with freshly-ground in-season beans. Another favorite is a Dublin fog: fill mug 1/3 full of water and steep a bag of Irish breakfast tea for 3 min, add a shot of vanilla syrup, fill the rest of the cup with hot milk (steamed is best, with an inch of foam, but just warmed on the stove works too), top with cinnamon and nutmeg, and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

  118. I’ll take a shot of espresso with steamed milk and a wee bit of sugar, or honey. But on a warm day like today, (I’m not in America :)),I like a quick pick me up drink that I got from a farmer cousin….. a teaspoon full of instant coffee, a teaspoon of sugar, fill it up with milk and ice, and add some vanilla, maple flavoring, caramel or whatever if you want more flavor.
    Another favorite is substituting the coffee for Dandy Blend, a healthy coffee tasting mix made of dandelions.

  119. Foxtrot tea blend from Adagio teas would be my favorite or a cup of pour over coffee would be perfect. Handmade mugs are my favorite.

  120. I recently pulled out a childhood favorite – butterscotch steamer. Melt butter and brown sugar, add milk, and heat.I like it when I want a sugar kick 🙂

  121. Fresh black coffee is my morning routine. But some of my favorite hot drinks are the ones that come from Travis and Wendy’s latte machine. (Ahem, you guys listening?) Travis, when I win my pottery mug, you can come fill it with your coffee pot. 🙂 Oh, and would someone please come over to our church and straighten out this poor man’s theology?!

    My husband wishes for a large mug that will keep his coffee hot longer. So this pottery one would technically be for him–but I usually pour my coffee before he’s ready for his… 😉

  122. I recently dropped and broke my favorite blue clay mug that was given to me as a wedding gift, so I think this should take its place admirably. My latest concoction to help me survive the long winter is to add real cream and milk to my coffee and then sweeten with maple syrup and black strap molasses. Ahh…. just writing about it makes me want to go make some now.

  123. The blue mug looks like just the thing to help me get over my hot drink aversions! Maybe if I had it, I wouldn’t love coffee one week and want to puke over it the next. (I hope this pity party is noted by 🙂 Usually I am also a black coffee lover, but dropping an Andes mint into it is also good.

    Thank you Lord for providing a giveaway–for me!

  124. I would keep this for myself and I’m sure that my daughter would steal it away from me! She is obsessed with her hot chocolate. The mug is so pretty!

  125. My favorite drink from a mug would be hot chocolate.. with whipped cream and caramel drizzle with a cherry on top! 🙂

  126. I would keep the cup for myself if i win:)
    I love a cup this size for my black Folgers Instant coffee I drink daily.

  127. It is late. (Not quite midnight). I treated myself to a bit of shopping after a day of work as a Pediatric Home Care Nurse. Finding no emails to cheer me, I turned to your recently discovered website (recommended by a friend) and saw the beautiful mugs.

    Hmmm. Should I go to the kitchen and create a recipe so I can enter the give-away? No, too tired. Should I make a cup of “Heavenly Tea” Organic Rooibos Cinnamon Orange, sent to me by a friend on an anniversary of my husband’s death? (Sweet comfort.) No, too near bedtime. Something sweet? No, it will raise my blood sugar, unless I run up and down my 16 stairs for a while. No, not tonight.

    I will settle for the hot drink I sometimes use near bedtime. The recipe is simple. One ingredient: Hot water from the tea kettle. (A bit of lemon perks hot water just as it does ice water.) Yes, we may feel cheated, sipping on plain hot water, but it is good for us.

    And of course a beautiful mug would make it seem more special…I think.

    Blessings to the potter and the writer! Both of you have cheered me tonight.

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