Watermelon, fireworks, new barbecue sauce, a child’s wagon, homegrown tomatoes, rose petals

Day lilies, cantaloupe, orange dream on a stick, campfire coals, a shocking sunset, ripe peaches

Sunlight on my skin, black-eyed susan, sea shells, the heart of a daisy, full moon, buttered cobs of corn

Fresh mown lawn, leaves making merry, mossy rocks by the streambed, bits of sea glass, grass stains

Rows of denim jeans against the wind, still water, a robin’s eggshell fallen, open sky

Bright bunting wings here and gone again, blueberries, iridescent dragonfly wings, hydrangea clusters

Concord grapes, ruffled fuchsia blooms, bruised bare knees, black raspberry ice cream, twilight

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Mom Coblentz
6 years ago

YES!!!! And family picnics!

6 years ago

I read it, and reached ‘blue’ before I saw the colours. Then I reread with great delight.

6 years ago

I like this! (The fruit scattered throughout was my clue.) Nicely done.

6 years ago


6 years ago

How fun!

Kendra Sensenig
6 years ago

I love it!

A concerned subscriber
6 years ago

Sunburns, sweaty people, broken a.c., running out of ice, bug bites, bored kids, stressful vacations.

You shouldn’t share such a one sided perspective to your readers.

Miss Tillie
6 years ago


Miss Tillie
6 years ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

Well. Great relief that it’s that simple.:)
In a way I could/should have known…but yet. 🙂

6 years ago

Enjoyed the rainbow. To borrow an old expression, “smashing” good lines “A robin’s eggshell fallen, open sky,” and ” black raspberry ice cream, twilight.” I like how your description of the first item applies freshly to the second. Was it Emily Dickinson who was good at placing words as you have to take on double meaning? I don’t know. Either way, keep it up!
Ps. Makes me hungry for Concord grapes!

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