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Thanks for joining our giveaway for the Boredom Jar! I’m happy to say that Dorcas S is the winner – the “mean mom” who doesn’t allow her children to use a lot of devices. And no, I did not pick her for that reason. picked her, for its own inscrutable reasons.

If you’re interested in buying the Boredom Buster set, please contact Linette Horst by sending an email to [email protected]. Put “Boredom Jar” or something similar in the subject line. The price is $10 for a package that includes everything but the glass jar itself:

  • Thirteen colorful pages with over 300 activities
  • A supplies list for items you might not have on hand
  • An adorable vinyl decal to put on your own jar (“Mom I’m Bored” as pictured)
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the United States

Again, thanks for joining the fun.

Happy Thursday!

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Dorcas S.
6 years ago

Thank you so much!! I’m so excited to use this.

6 years ago
Reply to  Dorcas S.

Hope you and your children enjoy it and make many happy memories, Dorcas!

6 years ago

Duh. I totally forgot to enter. 🙁

This summer is speeding by quickly for us and we haven’t faced boredom yet. I’m not sure if I’m working them too hard or if my kids have finally developed some sustainable hobbies.

6 years ago

Linette blessed me with one of these Boredom Buster Jars and we are having SO much fun with it. Glad you could share it with your readers.

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