Summer menu: without words

Food / Saturday, August 18th, 2018

I found that the words distracted from the images, and the images from the words.
Which post speaks louder? Or does it depend on who you are?

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  1. This mama says pictures. We just finished dinner but oh does that look good! Lord willing, I would like to try my hand at growing corn. Nothing beats homegrown veggies.

  2. I don’t know… something about a word picture is awfully hard to beat! Words give such grand wings to imagination. But this is coming from someone who almost, but not quite hates (because hate is such a strong word, right?) comics, because a story line in which you’re supposed to nearly rely entirely on silly pictures? Seriously? Actually, talking about it reminds me that truly I DO hate comics, strong word or not. But this isn’t to say your pictures aren’t good, because they are! Did you just happen to have them on file and actually have them organized to the point of being able to pull up whichever photo you need whenever you need it, or did you have to stage some photo shoots… 🙂 And if it’s the former, will you please in your spare time come organize my digi photos?! Have a blessed Sunday!

    1. This made me laugh. No, I will not help you organize pictures – one of my LEAST favorite jobs, right after cleaning toilets. ? I organize my photos by date, so it’s easy to look back over a summer and pick out a few good ones. I do occasionally stage photo shoots, but none for this post. I love photographing food! so I always have a few yummy shots in my files.

      1. Yeah, toilets, they’re dreadful are they not?! I dearly love my 4 boys, but the bathroom… sigh. I’ve often considered hiring a cleaning lady just for the bathroom.

  3. Both! I like both the poetry and flow of the words …. and the lure of the pictures….. but I like them separate. If they are together they both lose some oomph.

  4. I like words. Not too many of them, not great full pages, but words. They allow me to create my own pictures. They capture some essence of human experience which pictures cannot. And they leave vast edges open for exploration, while a picture takes up all the space in your mind and makes it hard to visualize more than what you see.

  5. Both. I would have liked one picture to go with your words. Just to see if my mind was thinking like yours. 🙂 But I like pictures as well. Thinking about comics per Priscilla F. – I don’t hate them but they’re not my reading choice as they are for my dyslexic son. I don’t care for movies either but prefer a good book. Interesting conversation. We’re all different. Fearfully and wonderfully made.

    1. You’re exactly right! God made us all unique, and yet in His image. Such a good God! And I really should take more care with my words, because in re-reading my comment about comics it could come across as belittling those for whom words do not come easy, and I never want to do that! I had dyslexic co-workers at the automotive shop where I once worked, and they were some of the smartest men, but simply struggled to make sense of written words. Pictures mean everything at times! 🙂 My apologies for potentially being inconsiderate!

    2. Priscilla, I know Marie and I’m 99% sure she’s not the type to take any offense at what you said. 🙂 I just heard you stating personal preference… and I gotta say I’m with you! But my son wouldn’t agree either. Haha.

  6. I like both, they both conveyed a different aspect of summer. Your words were bright but relaxing. The pictures popped with color, excitement and fun. I agree they were better seperate.

  7. Ok you seriously need to start a cafe. It would be a great way to keep the kids busy in the summer too. Consider it. ?

  8. I liked the words post best probably because I had to take the time to read and savor it whereas on the picture post I just gulped it all down on a quick scroll-through. And you used such delicious adjectives!

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