Today, a piece of cake

Today I did not feed my kids enough, I guess. They asked for food every fifteen minutes.

Mommy, can I have a snack? as I was washing up the lunch dishes…

Hmm. Thought you would be makin supper by now… at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Mom, I’m gonna DIE… at 5:00, after plenty of snacks.

Can I eat dis? pilfering raw broccoli from the cuttings for a salad…

Today the baked beans I didn’t start quite in time for Tuesday’s supper, the ones I set aside to cook longer later, the ones I slow-roasted in the crock pot since 9:00 this morning, still clinked when they hit our plates at dinner. Cooked half to mush and still stony at heart—you tell me. I flopped yesterday’s supper too. No wonder the kids are hungry.

Today I couldn’t think of anything to cook but beans and eggs, so we had eggs for breakfast and beans and eggs for lunch and beans for supper. I could tell you the menus in ways that wouldn’t sound so terrible, but the fact remains that it’s all I could cook. Only I couldn’t. Which is why they were hard.

Today the sewing projects I worked on took two and three times as long as they should’ve, and I kept poking myself with pins.

Today someone spoke to me loud and slow like I was three years old and the kids were mean to the animals and the flies buzzed fatly, moistly in all my windows and my iron was never hot when I needed it and bugs bit me when I wasn’t looking and weeds grew thickly in my flowerbeds.

I see I have only one choice left open to me.

A good old-fashioned pity party and the largest, densest, richest slab of chocolate cake in town.


I will take some home to feed the kids.

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10 years ago

The boy claimed he was starving again when he headed for bed. Incredible.

Now I know why we had gas today. Whew.

Do they serve chocolate cake in Australia? Fingers crossed.

Beth Hershberger
10 years ago

I am shaking with laughter and familiarity.

We had fat green flies too and couldn’t find the swatter which was resting on my sewing cabinet which resides by a main entrance. My sewing project started at 6 pm once I saw the chicken lasagna would need 15 extra minutes.

10 years ago

The ‘fatly, moistly’ pair of words reminded me that in your tale of woe and perceived failure, you ARE a good writer. 😉

Rachel S
10 years ago

a good laugh!

10 years ago

Mmmm. That cake looks delish. I would definitely be having that cake for breakfast. You know me, cake for breakfast is a great way to start the day! ☺

10 years ago

You know that there is a brownie recipe that you can make with black beans as an ingredient??? I thought you may be interested. 🙂 Shoot. I should have joined you for that pity party.

Marlene Stoltzfus
10 years ago

It was a dismal day on all counts here, too. I should have thought of a pity party rather than getting so mad at the world. (What right do flies have to buzz in my house, anyway?)

Thanks for this!

10 years ago

Ryan’s comment is hilarious! I was thinking of Alexander as well. These days are so much funnier in writing than they are in real life. Please call me sometime when supper flops so we can commiserate and I can send you a Dominoes pizza.

My boys act like I never feed them either. It is just hard to keep enough appealing food in the house.

You are a fabulous writer!

One more thing, you didn’t add salt or tomato to the beans at the start, did you? That’ll make them not soften, so I hear. Maybe they were just old. Or maybe they were just ornery. So annoying when you are being frugal and cooking your beans from scratch.

10 years ago

Try adding a little meat to the beans . . . the kids will stay full longer. . . learned that the hard way at our house . . . and another Mom who has tried to reduce the food bill by using a lot of beans has also found that she told me. I’m sorry you had a tough day. Mine was rotten too for different reasons, and I’m blaming it in large on the storm front that was moving in. It made my head feel weird and just “off”, and I felt sluggish and unable to do much even though there was much to do. Today is thankfully some better! 😉

10 years ago

I would like to join you only one problem I am on a diet, for a very long time, 32 lbs lost and about 60 more to go…so any suggestions for pity parties for me 😉 That cake looks scrumptious. I think that some days the hunger bug just bites the children, and nothing you do can fill them up for very long. I’ve also found the more snacks I give my children the more they want. Hoping for a good day for you today

Mama Zook
10 years ago

and donna’s children came to my house yesterday and were only here fifteen minutes when the second son says…”I hungy” I looked at him and said “your momma said she gave you lunch so you just wait for supper”. At 3:30 I offered them one cookie and water, and they ate like nobody”s business at supper, slicked up everything and got a cookie later for a snack, because they were all so full they couldn’t eat a cookie right after supper! Cliff on the other hand, ate a cookie or two right after supper, and after they went home for the night at 10 something, he made himself a cup of tea, and opened the cupboards and says “what is there to eat, I’m hungry…in fact I was still hungry after supper”! Poor guy…like old times…when we just ate until the food was gone, not neccesarily until everyone was full! Eh? The Boss!?

10 years ago

You make me laugh! Something I learned about cooking beans….You never add cold water in the middle of the process if they need more moisture. Always heat it to boiling first and then add or the beans will never get softer than they were when you added the cold water. Also, my Mexican sister-in-law taught me the easiest way to cook beans….put them in a crockpot on low overnight, no need to soak beforehand, and the next morning you will have lovely soft beans! And she also taught me her authentic way of refrying them…just put bacon grease in a pan, bring the beans to a good boil in the grease, mash and add salt. So yummy! I always thought they needed onions and garlic and peppers, but these simple ones are THE BEST!! You probably know all that, though….but I was so happy when I learned these two secrets to great beans!!

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