Snowflakes and shards

Two weeks ago when I turned thirty, I opened a card from my artistic friend Yvonne, and got a lappful [sic] of intricately cut paper… which turned out to be handmade snowflakes, some of the prettiest I’ve seen.

Last night I hung them on my windowpanes, thinking warm and happy thoughts.


Her creativity got me in the mood, so this afternoon I assembled supplies and kids and we began snipping. This year Regan and Aarick are both old enough to manhandle a scissors through six layers of paper. And Kelly armed herself similarly, creating her own snow from our scraps: about an inch accumulation of confetti shards blanketing table and floor.

Aarick made the one on the right!

I learned two new techniques. How to make shapes…

gingerbread men
angry snowmen–that’s what happens when you use a rusty nail to poke the eyeholes
symbols of Jesus

…and what a nice twist a hole punch adds. Not so snowflakey, but fun nonetheless.

Do you make paper snowflakes? Here’s a pretty how-to if you want to learn. Click on the arrows beside “1 of 8” to move to the next slide.

We got rather lost in the snowstorm, wondered where the hours went, and came out with great difficulty just in time for supper… and the sudden fracturing of the Coblentz/Nisley world. Jesus, no.

He watched every shard fall.

Maybe I will say more later. Right now I have no words; I just want to pound my fists on God’s chest.

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11 years ago

I read Jean’s blog post, and then yours. Oh Shari, my sweet Shari . . . I am so sad with you . . . as you pound on God’s chest, may comfort ease into your heart . . .

Mama Zook
11 years ago

I’m so sorry to hear about jean, has to be a hard one of those things to face and wonder how God’s goodness fits in here! Cry on His shoulder after you’ve pounded on His chest, Shari!! And we will all cry with you!! Love you, Mama

11 years ago

Oh, so sorry, Shari. Can’t even imagine the pain you’re experiencing right now. Prayers and hugs!

11 years ago

I’m so glad God’s big enough to take whatever we say/do to Him. Love to you, and much strength!

11 years ago

After reading your post, I went to Jean’s blog and read what I didn’t want to hear. No, please No…

I’m so sad that you all have to face this again! I will lift you all up to our Father!

11 years ago

Jesus. Oh…….Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanna Yoder
11 years ago

Shari, I’m so sorry…my eyes fill with tears and my heart aches because I know what you are going through. The awfulness of the heartbreak in that moment when the good news in which you’d rejoiced falls to pieces around you…I know it too well…it was part of our journey alongside my MIL as she battled cancer. God understands your anger; perhaps more comforting, He accepts it…and when you are too tired to scream, He will love you while you weep. Praying that His strength will be yours.

11 years ago

So sorry. How hard. Prayers for your family…

irene Bontrager
11 years ago

Jesus, fill Shari with Your very being. Anger. Silence. Pain. Struggle. No. These are words of deep intense struggle. Deep struggle can take you to sweet surrender. Beautiful artwork.

11 years ago

My heart feels heavy for more than one reason tonight.
I am pounding God’s chest with you.
Much much love…

11 years ago

I am so sorry….

11 years ago

Caught up with you and your children in the beauty of snowflakes, my heart dropped and my stomach felt sick with the end of this post. Tears, prayers, and warmest of thoughts. I am so, so sorry.

Rach Eicher
11 years ago

Just lots of tears…

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