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Food / Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Confession: I always start out the school year with grand ideas for great variety in my children’s packed lunches; and sometime near January I find I’ve fallen into a rut—a.k.a. “same-same every day, all along the way…”

Would you help me prevent the slump by sharing some of your favorites?

My tech support guy* created this wonderful interactive table for me, below, in which you may share your ideas with the class! Don’t be shy; it looks complicated but it’s not. Just click and type.

*(I really like my tech support guy. I’m considering proposing marriage, but that may be premature; I don’t want to freak him out.)

What lights up eyes and fills up tummies midday? What’s simple? What’s nutritious? What’s new? Mommies are good at planning such things; so are teachers and working women! Let’s brainstorm.


Update: This sharing forum stayed open for one week, but now it’s read-only. If you want to add your ideas, use the comment section below the post.

Thank you so much for all the lovely options! I know why I asked you…

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9 years ago

I just got a book at the library yesterday called Weelicious Lunches. I don’t even have little kids anymore but thought it looked good for some new easy lunch ideas. I don’t know if your children eat bananas, but I’d always write a note on a banana before I put it in their lunch. Also, go to Pinterest and type in Lunchbox Ideas and lots and lots of ideas come up. Have fun – been there, I know it’s hard coming up with new things. 🙂

9 years ago

The above list is a bit intimidating for me already since my kids basically always have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (with Nutella 🙂 ) or left over pizza (after the weekend). This is certainly an area of my life that could use some creative attention. I’ll be checking this list again in the future!

9 years ago

I’m like Shaunda. One day it’s leftover pizza, if there was any. Another day it’s a ham sandwich. Another day may be leftovers and then “Thank You Jesus” for 2 days of hot lunches!

9 years ago

I keep coming back to check this and see what every one has added. I don’t have children in school–I’m a teacher doing my own cooking. Sometimes leftovers get a little scarce around here but so far there has always been something to throw in the lunch box before eight in the morning. More ideas are always welcome. =) Thank God and all the cooking mothers for a hot lunch every Friday. So handy! (If you want an idea for how to bless your child’s teacher [and your child goes somewhere besides FBCS] offer to pack her lunch sometime–that’s a big blessing!)

9 years ago

Oops! That egg salad sandwich with tomato soup and pickle should be grilled cheese. Not sure how the mix-up happened. Just warm the grilled cheese sandwich a little in the microwave or dip it in the soup and eat it cold.