Postscript on love

People / Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

So what about them marital differences?

Here’s a parting piece of advice that I would like to learn to take myself—some days I swallow it with a smile, some days I choke.


Please be careful.

A woman’s scorn is poison.

If you’re going to infiltrate your marriage with scorn, you might as well lace his after-dinner coffee with a little arsenic; it’s going to have the same effect.

Teach yourself all over again what you knew at once when you met him: he is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you. Work at it. Believe it. Polish it. Practice it. It’s the thing that makes marriage work.

The End

9 Replies to “Postscript on love”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, your words are powerful, women! And your tone of voice and body language is powerful. its easy to tear down just with our eyes! How you treat him in public too is huge. Lots more could be said. But you are your husbands fan section, you can build him up or tear him down, its up to you

  2. YES. Women are powerful, usually subversively. They can control and tear down in ways that make it hard to hold them responsible, like a slow, unidentified drip of arsenic in his coffee.

    Thanks for saying this and the previous post.

  3. I agree, to go back to the beginning and remember again why I first fell in love with my man and remind myself of that every good. Tis even better to allow God to open my heart to seeing my man thru the eyes of the One who created him. His worth and his value just as he is, today. It has even greater results, than just trying to remember those first feelings.

  4. This is truth! My heart hurts when I hear wives speak scornfully or dismiss their husband with a shrug of shoulders,cold indifference,etc.They aren’t blind or ignorant,they can pick up our subtle put-downs.Thanks for sharing!

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