This post concludes a series that starts here.

Last night, I sat next to my father through a benefit auction. My kids scrambled and talked and fought around us. While I was turned toward my dad, my daughter fell off the chair on the other side of me. I turned and caught her, not enough to keep her from falling but enough to break her fall and keep her from crying.

When the ruckus was over, my dad said slyly, “I read somewhere that you catch things in midair.”

I laughed at him. “I didn’t do too bad, right? My back was turned and everything.”

We listened to the auction.

After a while, the child on his lap dropped a toy. He caught it before it passed his knee.

“Hey!” I said, “You’re not too bad yourself.”

He grinned. “Shari, I had training too.”

So the sum of all the corrections to date are these: I have not yet learned humility, and my quick reflexes I got from my dad.

Or maybe –

He got his from




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6 years ago

Love it!!

Mom Coblentz
6 years ago

What anonymous said x 2!!

Sheila G.
6 years ago

Sooo funny and just so I don’t have to fight with this computer to comment on your previous post…. I was laughing in the middle and crying by the end.

Dorcas G.
6 years ago

Lol! Can’t stop laughing! I wish I could see what our parents went thru to train us…maybe the same we deal with!?

6 years ago

Ahaha! Touche.

6 years ago

Love it!! I’ve followed your blog for some time but have never commented. With three little people I can identify with so much that you write. I know your parents and sister Jean from when she taught in our community, and remember your husband from when I attended fb summer term.

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