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Life around home, Something from nothing / Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Anybody else’s kids home from school today because of the cold?

kids reading

Here’s what we’re doing at my house–a homemade scavenger hunt. Geared for any reading kid, probably aged 6-12… and a lot younger than that if Mommy will help.

scavenger hunt

I used to do this a lot with the kids when they were smaller. Today we dug out our ideas again. Click the link below if you want to print the PDF for your own kiddos. Hand them a basket, and they’re ready to roll.

The blanks in the “Gather” category are for snack food. We did SweetTarts and pretzels; adapt it for what you have in your food stash.

{Printable Scavenger Hunt here}


5 Replies to “Printable scavenger hunt”

  1. Totally laughing about

    ‘somebody working’

    WHERE in the world will my kids find such a person inside our 4 walls???

    I’d print out your scavenger hunt if our printer was working.

  2. I’m going to use this for my children! With maybe a few revisions…but it gives me a good start on ideas!
    How do you do it for those preschoolers who can’t read…read it to them?

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