Confession: And I remembered today’s fellowship meal at exactly 7:46 am.

This is way beyond cute now, far out into the ridiculous camp.

I think I’m living life like the butcher who backed up into his meat grinder and got a little behind in his work.

Did you know it is possible to take a Little Caesar’s pizza and a half gallon of ice cream to a Mennonite potluck, and the sky does not fall?


I love being a part of Meadville Mennonite Chapel. I love it all—

the buoyant energy, the shining faces when we meet

someone wearing a wedding dress cuz it’s their anniversary

the full-voiced singing in parts and joy

the way He’s there

the clapping of black Sister Eva, and the few tentative hand-raises of the rest of us

the children fidgeting

the Spirit-filled insights of the ladies in Sunday school, and their happy chatter in small groups

the way my single friend Anna adopts a special needs boy for the morning, lets him sleep on her lap, teaches him

the projects my kids bring back from class

the sermon, the way my pastor knows what is going on in the world and leads us to think about life and Jesus

the chat and great food afterwards

the returning of miscellaneous items misplaced through the week

the good words from good people—I heard

Oh, just go ahead and keep it

I pray for you every day

I enjoyed Sunday school

I wanted to thank you…

I love these people, and I love that they let me bomb.


I left church without my ice cream scoop.

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11 years ago

Welcome to community. It was good to be back.

11 years ago

Just so you know, your enthusiasm is contagious. I loved reading this. When I clicked on the link to your church, it said something about “typically” enjoying a fellowship meal and “usually” when your small group meetings are. I love that. It’s like, ‘We have a routine, but sometimes life has a way of changing our schedule and it’s not the end of the world.’ Precious. You are truly blessed. 🙂

11 years ago

I can’t like this post enough!!!!! I love sharing community with you! ( I stole your ice cream scoop)

11 years ago

I’m chuckling over the fact that the sky didn’t fall. I love the way that we are okay with each other not doing it the “right” way. And even the way we get a kick out of it when it happens. We had a good laugh here when we realized it was “Shari Zook” (the minister’s wife, gasp) who brought the Little Ceaser’s. Sometimes you just can’t get all your Ducks in a Row and Waddling.

mama zook
11 years ago

I loved it!

GrandmaKitty Brown
11 years ago

Ha! This is so good! You didn’t “bomb”… you brought a meal and a dessert, didn’t you??
I love coming to the fellowship meals, and i’m sorry we couldn’t come this time. I’ve never had Little Caesar’s pizza….. 🙂

11 years ago

I had to come to your blog to read this before I came to bed. Jean’s right, you didn’t bomb, it was more like fireworks. I love coming to MMC too.

11 years ago

Some good words I overheard that you apparently missed:
“you look stunning in that color!”

11 years ago

All that. Yes. I love it, too. And the way your Aarick came to me after church to show me the picture he drew. (It was fun telling him in technical terms like “perspective” and “fore-shortened view” how he got the airplane wings so right. You guys have amazing kids!)

11 years ago
Reply to  becca

I was impressed with his picture and told him to go show you. 🙂 I wanted him to get a dose of technical terms, and I was so pleased that’s what you gave him. It means more coming from a real artist than from mommy, and I didn’t know how to talk about what I saw. So thank you!

11 years ago

I’m laughing.
This is so great.
Let’s all bring Little Caesar’s and frozen yogurt to the next potluck.
I think it’s a swell idea.

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