Plants and pots

Confession: I am a shameless beggar.

If you want to get some good houseplants started, just ask your local friends for cuttings. That’s what I did, about three weeks ago. I got a great mixture (wandering jew, ivy, a couple kinds of philodendron, and an unidentified) and have been rooting them in water.

Last week I potted them, into a mixture of gifts and secondhand treasures—an old flour sifter and kettle, among other things.

I love the purple leaves against the green and yellow pot.

I can’t wait to see how they do!

There’s one plant I have had no luck in tracking down. When I was a preteen, a lady in my community grew “snake trees.” They could be planted indoors or outdoors, spread fast, and grew like crazy—six inches in a few days, I think, and up to a couple of feet tall. This is not the same as “snake plants” (a. k. a. “mother-in-law’s tongue”), which are hard-leaved, striped, pointy, and virtually indestructible. Snake trees as I remember them had a stem and soft, large leaves.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

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11 years ago

I don’t know too much about plants, except I can grow a mean geranium – ha ha. I love your mixture and I love all the different containers – SO cute!

11 years ago

I have wandering jew… it grows fast. Soon you’ll have a plant big enough for cuttings for all YOUR friends! Although the red variety you have there isn’t quite as aggressive as the all-green kind; I’ve had both.
Never heard of the snake plant! But six inches in a few days sounds fascinating.

11 years ago

Wow, I love your eclectic collection of pots and planters. If you find a snake tree, I want a cutting! It sounds like fun to this shameless beggar as well.

One more thing…your post from yesterday provided great fodder for lunchtime conversation today! Keep writing…your audience loves you!

11 years ago

Will you PLEASE introduce me to your friends? 😉

Anne Eby
11 years ago

I just found your blog from someones link. I wonder if you are talking about what I call voodoo lily when you say snake plant. It has a funny thick stem, pinkish and brown spotted and big leaves, kind of frilly and sort of umbrella like. It is a tropical and has a big bulb. I have had them grow to at least 4 feet. I get lots of questions when people see them.

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