Popcorn [pop’ corn] Noun

a. A delicious snack made from superheating the dried kernels of corn.

b. A brief and random collection of thoughts and experiences. A smattering.

popcorn and a book

  • Last night I thought that with popcorn, coffee, and The Fellowship of the Ring, my world was as complete as it could ever be. Except I drank the coffee too fast.
  • Someone I just learned to really love is leaving facebook in submission to her husband. I am full of admiration and sorrow.
  • I am trying to decide if I can babysit a bunny for my friend’s children. He is a most beautiful bunny named Jo-Jo and we would all love having him here. But can I run the risk of him getting lost, eaten, or harassed in the meantime? Can I really take the happiness of her children into my hands? Hmm.
  • Someone in my church offered a pastor appreciation gift: keeping our children for several hours one evening and sending my husband and I off with a complimentary picnic lunch. I cannot imagine any more perfect gift. Do it for your pastor soon: unless you are in my church. In which case you should find a different way to bless me, soon.
  • If anyone takes that seriously I will cry.
  • I’m taking my mom along when we go school shopping on Wednesday. Our August schedule has pushed the date later than I would ever have chosen. But I think having Mom along will make me and my three littles very peaceful, especially with a break for donuts halfway through.
  • My husband just gave me four Pinocchios for a line I wrote. And worse, he was right.
  • I do not know what this is:

porcelain knob

…a little porcelain knob with a hole. My son found it in the woods. Do you know?

  • My siblings and I are having an email discussion/ share time about what it was like growing up as the children of John Coblentz. My dad initiated this conversation by sending us a link and inviting our thoughts. I like this about him, and I am discovering things about us that I never knew.
  • I have a big project with a looming deadline and I am not getting to it. And I’m trying not to look at the state of my garden.
  • But I spent a very sweet weekend of oasis with some beautiful ladies. And I’m ready to come back to my normal, humdrum, exquisite life and live happily ever after.
  • Sometimes I don’t know how to thank you guys for reading my blog. And clicking on my ads. And blessing me every week with your sweet words. I don’t know blogger etiquette very well; I try to stay out of my own comment section because that’s YOUR place to talk and I don’t want to dominate and micromanage. But so often I wish I could click “like” about what you said, or give you a hug, or tell you how much your words mean. So thank you. I don’t know how to say it without getting all maudlin on you, but it means the world.




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Janelle Glick
9 years ago

I like hearing these lists of various thoughts. They mirror my frenetic patterns of ideas in my days.

9 years ago

It is great to sit down after a busy day and read this. You gave me a reading idea for vacation. And, as you do more often, a journaling idea (not that I will necessarily follow through with the journaling).

9 years ago

I think that little thing you posted a pic of is an old fence post insulator/guide for the fence. The little hole is where the glass slides down over the fence post. The knob is where the fence was wrapped. my guess……

9 years ago
Reply to  Gloria

Oooh! Thank you! This sounds right.

9 years ago

So… very interesting on the four pinocchios from your husband. A whopper, huh?! How IS he with evaluating your work? Cruel, gentle, honest, flattering?

Both my husband and I are very self-conscious about writing in front of each other, or letting each other read our writing. Maybe we put more heart into our written words than we spill to each other in person? Or maybe we’re more viciously truthful? It is very difficult for either of us to openly welcome honest criticism. But… we’re working on it.

9 years ago
Reply to  Renita

Writing does go deeper in the heart, in some very specific ways. He is usually very gentle. This one, we were both howling with laughter.

But he doesn’t flatter me. I’ve always appreciated the freedom he gives me to write as I wish, and I know he will call me on the carpet or praise me only when he really means it.

mom coblentz
9 years ago


9 years ago

I do not think you should keep your friend’s bunny. Surely she can find someone else to watch her.

Mrs. L
9 years ago

I enjoyed your popcorn! And, wow, what a wonderful idea; can’t wait to bless our pastor & his wife. (I’m always looking for things to do to show we care etc)
As for your little white thingy; I thought the exact thing that Gloria, above, did…ceramic insulator…probably for an electric wire.

9 years ago

Enjoyed the 5 minute chat this weekend. Would love to hear more of your journey sometime.

9 years ago
Reply to  Nettie

I have thought of you much ever since. I’m going to send you a letter soon…

9 years ago
Reply to  Shari

I’ll be waiting… 🙂

9 years ago

Now you have me curious as to whether the whopper was on your blog, and if so, where….

9 years ago
Reply to  Matthew

Oh dear. I was afraid this would raise questions about my credibility. 🙂

No, not on my blog but in private response to an opportunity. “Oh absolutely. I would definitely love to blah blah blah…” and mentally “Oh NO. Now how am I going to get OUT of this??”

I have huge issues.
My husband is slowly helping me deal with them.

GrandmaKitty Brown
9 years ago
Reply to  Shari

Oh my. This is me/us ALL over! As a matter of fact, i am at this present moment looking for a graceful “out” for a task i was asked to do, and i know i cannot complete without bringing back my panic attacks. Thank God for wise, loving husbands!!

9 years ago
Reply to  Shari

Uh oh. Here I thought I’m not guilty of telling whoppers. I’m going to have to rethink this. 🙂

Travis Zook
9 years ago

It is a dangerous thing Frodo to step out of your door.

9 years ago

Not sure my life has been “happily ever after” since Oasis but I’m still enjoying the glow. So fun to connect with you again.

And how do we thank You for writing?

9 years ago

I like popcorn, both kinds. Especially when you are writing it! 🙂 I don’t know “proper” blog etiquette either, but I always enjoy reading the writer’s response to their readers as well as reader’s comments. And, like Gina, many thanks for writing! 🙂 Hope your popper is full of the best kinds of “popcorn” this week!

9 years ago

I wish I could see the other side of the porcelain find from the woods. Maybe it was part of old electrical wiring? Doesn’t look exactly like the “thingy-majigs” that were in my parent’s 1840 farmhouse (attached to the very old electric wiring) they remodeled, but similar…

Mary Jane
9 years ago

Regarding what is was like to grow up as JCoblentz’s children: it is great fun for some of his bygone MBS students to now read a blog from his former dainty doe-eyed daughter. Thank you and keep posting. You have an avid Canadian following.

9 years ago
Reply to  Mary Jane

I am confused about which part of this is “former” since I am still his daughter: Are you saying I’m not dainty anymore?!?!

Just kidding. Hi there. You made me smile.

9 years ago

This just makes me wish to have coffee and popcorn together!!!

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