Photographs for Travis

Life around home / Friday, September 26th, 2014

…who was disappointed in the lack of photos accompanying my last post and asked for them.

Dead Bee
Front elevation:


Rear elevation:


There. Happy now?

8 Replies to “Photographs for Travis”

  1. And I clicked quickly to your new post when I got the email notification of “photographs”, thinking there were gonna be pictures of the BIRD. I have no earthly idea WHY I would’ve wanted to see them. Just goes to show our insane sense of curiousity.

  2. and I was hoping for a staged replay of Ryan lunging for Kelly and then Kelly rising from her bee sting.

    How does it feel to be disappointing all your readers this afternoon?? 🙂

  3. And I was looking for a video of Regan defiantly gathering the bird into a plastic bag and adding it to his treasure drawer. Although, I suppose if there was a video of that, you would have a different story to tell.

  4. This all just makes me laugh, even this much later. I love this blog — it brings me to laughter and tears and deep thought and hard questions, and back to Jesus.

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