Photographic check in

I may not be thinking cohesive thoughts much, nor writing them down, but I am snapping lots of photos. I can tell you about my current life with them easily. Watch this.

How did your May goals go? You never told us.

How do people even do that? There are so many things online that need me.

What’s the best part of your life these days?

Walks, walks, and more walks, with some assortment of these people, in the glorious world. We walk to the lake and we walk to the park and we strap the baby to our chest and we soak in the sunshine and we feel the wind and we walk and walk and walk.

What’s the worst part of your life?

Knowing we’ll be saying goodbye soon, barring a miracle I hesitate to ask for. She is five months old, and her heart and mine are intertwined.

What are your two favorite phone apps at the moment?
(I tried taking photos of this and failed.)

  • Dwell, an audio Bible app with good read-aloud voices, background music, repeat settings, and more.
  • And Noom, an app that tracks my health with daily step count, calories, water intake, and more. And lots of education and rewarding feelings.

Neither is free, or even cheap, but they have been worth every penny. And I am not getting a financial kick-back for telling you so.

What’s your current hobby?

Savoring and photographing all the textures.

What’s your pet peeve?

Answering questions multiple times. I do this a lot, summers. No photo on this one, because the steam coming out of my ears doesn’t show up on camera. The follow up questions tend to involve some variant of “Are you sure?!” and “I forget what you said the first time,” and “To be clear, you really meant…?”

“Mom, can I blah blah blah?”
:I told you yes two times and if you ask again it’s no.

How has someone blessed you lately?

Our family has been blessed repeatedly this summer by an old woman who loves to give good groceries.

What are you reading these days?

Favorites are from bottom to top, all non-fiction.

Bearing the Unbearable is a grief book and makes me cry. In Other Words is written side-by-side in Italian and English, the story of a woman’s love affair with a foreign language. Quiet and enchanting. Maya Angelou* goes without explanation. Comparison Girl is the follow-up to Control Girl. And The Strange Case… could be written better, but it’s the story of a man who saved preemie babies before saving preemie babies was a thing.

*(Caution about explicit and heartbreaking sexual abuse scenes in Caged Bird.)

What’s the best mission statement you saw lately?

Look at the central paragraph: “We seek to follow Him…” This statement of faith is from my local Pregnancy Center, where I will be volunteer teaching for one day in July. I was asked to sign agreement to these words, and it wasn’t hard.

How many book sales did you get out of that “bite-sized promotion” last week, with the notes and teabags?

Final count: 71 books sold that week. I was greatly surprised, thoroughly delighted, and extremely writers-crampy. Do you know how long it takes to write seventy personal notes? I think I can uncurl my fingers again, just. THANK YOU for your response! I’m so pleased. And a sweet friend sent me a book of stamps in case I was running out, bless her. I was.

Note: If you told me you bought a copy and you don’t hear from me by the end of next week, please reach out to me again. I think I caught everyone, but I don’t want to be wrong.

Now it’s your turn. Pick a question or so from my list… would you? Favorite apps? Current hobby? Best/worst part of your life? Blessing from someone? Pet peeve? Reading material? I’d love to hear.

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2 years ago

I recently finished:
Words of Stone by Kevin Henkes – juvenile fiction about the messiness of relationships, especially for hurting children.

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School by Kathleen Flinn – inspiring and educational; a food writer and graduate from Le Courdon Bleu tests her theory that people buy convenient food because they don’t know how to cook, by offering a basics course to 9 ladies who consider themselves non-cooks.

The Hawk and the Dove by Penelope Wilcock – Stories from an 11th century monastery. This book always shakes me, shows me the sacrifice of Jesus in a new light, and inspires me to live in more humility and tenderness to those around me.

2 years ago

..Soul Care by Dr Rob Reimer.. a great one for hubby and wife to read together…

2 years ago

A favorite app: Hoopla (how would I survive?!)

Pet peeves: over summer I can’t listen to my hoopla because it’s noiser around here

A favorite read: the Green Ember series (my children and I have both fallen in love)

Best part of my life: the noise of children in summer, hogging my phone to listen to their stories, screaming and splashing in the pool, crunching on breakfast at 10am…

2 years ago

Since I have a newborn and five other small (yet growing quite tall) people, my reading has been in snippets… but I recently enjoyed going back over some of my old Keepers At Home magazines… they help me realize that I have lots of company in this messy; yet abundantly fulfilling life!

Dorcas G
2 years ago

Hoopla, a favorite! My 14 yr old and I enjoy listening to stories together. We r thoroughly enjoying “Before Green Gables” as well as many other classics.

A excellent read: “Create a Better Brain thru Neuroplasticity” by Debi Pearl. A must read for every mother. I wish I could have read this 25 years ago!

After a year of covid restrictions and the passing of my dad from covid complications, I am so blessed to enjoy church and family again- as well as my flowers and garden.????

Wanna B. Writer
2 years ago
Reply to  Dorcas G

The name Debi Pearl caught me… I Googled the book. Then I had to look up neuroplasticity… What I found surprised me. I didn’t know Debi had any theories outside of spanking your children into mindless puppets and giggling lovingly at your rude and impulsive husband. Though my “desired reading” backlog is too long to fit in this title, maybe I need to soften my stance on the Pearls.

2 years ago

I’m reading Control Girl – recommended by you and very much appreciated by me. Also, my pastor mentioned the title The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer… I’m only on the second chapter, but so far it’s a gripping and convicting read.

2 years ago

Current hobby: Same as yours, loved all your pics! In this lovely time of year, there’s such an abundance of amazing things to photograph.
Books: Currently reading a few organizing books in hopes of learning some tips! And… shhh! I just was at some yard sales & came home with 38 books! (some are for my children & we’ll have to put rules in place so these bookworms get some work done, too!) But when Peanut Butter & Dragon Wings arrives, all others will be set aside! 😉

Letitia W.
2 years ago

My current hobby? Making projects with my Cricut including labeling my mom’s pantry containers.

Kris Zimmerman
2 years ago

Some recent favorite books are Educated by Tara Westover, Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. I’m halfway through The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate & I recommend that one too!

2 years ago

I’m super impressed and just a little jealous of all the walking you’re doing these days!!! It’s no one’s fault besides my own that I’m not making it a staple of my life this summer.

I hope that you’re open to sharing the “Comparison Girl” with me because I would like that to be on my list of summer reading.

Regina Shea
2 years ago

I really enjoy looking at your photos.
My favorite phone apps currently are : You Version Bible, Thru the Bible Radio, and Scooters Coffee We love having Scooters five minutes away!

Hobbies currently are crocheting and sewing.

Books I’m currently/ to be read: I’m rather embarrassed to say I still have the awful habit of starting a book before finishing one I was reading first so here it is:
Currently and actively reading:
My Brother’s Keeper: Race Relations in Mennonite Perspective by Nathan Zook. I’m planning to finish this one today.

You Are What You Worship: How True Worship Shapes Us Into the People We Were Made to Be by Johnatan Azzarello

To be Read:
Fault Lines by Voddie Bachman. I seen many moms recommend this book so I’m reading this next.

A Woman for God’s Glory by Anna Mary Hyper

Flourish by Dorcas Showalter

Rejoice in Hope by Christine Filled

Annnd! I have the latest issue of Daughters of Promise magazine to read. And three other issues of DOP.

Pet Peeve- People getting offended at every little thing and calling it racism. I will leave it at that.

Worst Part of My Life Right Now: Having family members making ungodly choices in their lives which is why I bought Rejoicing in Hope. I cry a lot in my prayer time.

My comment is longer than I planned and was going to delete most of it but I’ll just leave it as is.

Regina Shea
2 years ago
Reply to  Regina Shea

Just to be clear, regarding my pet peeve I happen to be African-American and I get irritated over every little thing being called racist when it’s not.

2 years ago
Reply to  Regina Shea

Oh, I heard you sister. And I appreciate you being willing to say it. ❤ I often wish I had more people of color speaking into my life with their own thoughts and experiences on racism. I have a few, and I treasure the perspective.

Ann Theus
2 years ago

How was I blessed recently? I’m in the throes of a miscarriage, and a dear friend gathered her children to come play with my preschooler, brought lunch and fed us a square meal. Plus she gave me the huge gift of friendship in this undesirable situation.

And I received one of that stack of envelopes. At just the right time.

Regina Shea
2 years ago
Reply to  Ann Theus

Ann I’m so sorry read you are going through the loss of a baby. May you find comfort in knowing God is carrying you through this trial.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ann Theus

Hugs to you, Ann! I’m so very sorry for your loss. ???? I was in your situation just one month ago so this touched a very tender place in my heart. I wish you the strength of God to sustain you in this trial of your body, soul, and spirit. I found Shari’s post on miscarriage in March 2015 to be the quiet embrace of an understanding friend and the words I couldn’t find in those dark days.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lucy

Thank you, Lucy. ❤ And I’m so sorry. I pray for your continued healing and strength.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ann Theus

Oh dear lady, I am so very sorry. No right words come to mind, just hugs, tears, memories… Warm wishes for soup and rest and slow cups of tea, and enough time for you to grieve. God bless your friend! And bless you as you heal. xo

2 years ago
Reply to  Ann Theus

Tears for you. So much of that grief feels alone, even if friends care. My MIL gave me “Mommy, Please Don’t Cry” and I still tear up seeing the illustrations of babies in heaven. God be with you friend.

Sherri Keller
2 years ago

Shari- Thank you, for sharing your life experiences honestly with others. You have been a huge blessing to me! Any time – you can contact me!

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