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Celebrations, My book / Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

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If you follow me on social media
You know this already… but
Guess what happened this week!

Peanut Butter and Dragon Wings: A Mother’s Search for Grace
Arrived to my home and my hands.

It’s available on Amazon,
It’s in stores July 6,
It’s stunningly reviewed here by Dorcas Smucker

And in celebration of its launch,
I’m offering a free, signed copy
To two of you lovely people.

Jenny was ticked off because she was the only one who couldn’t read it herself. She insisted that I read her excerpts, and swore up and down that they were ALL INT’RESTING. So there’s that…

To enter the giveaway,
Please comment below with one thing
That has symbolized human kindness or divine provision to YOU
(Like my peanut butter and my “dragon wings”),
Some gift or tangible reminder of goodness…

And that’s all you have to do,
It’s a gift.

I look forward to mailing two of you
One copy each.
If you already bought your copy, maybe this one can be for a friend.

Thanks so much for supporting me through this journey!

These particular copies drop-shipped to me directly from the printer,
But all online orders will ship soon –
And I will have more copies available at my house
For local buyers only
Who want them signed.



Giveaway will remain open for one week, closing at midnight on Wednesday, June 30. Open to residents of the US only. Winner will be chosen by

This giveaway is CLOSED. Thanks for joining!

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Aurelia L Glick
1 year ago

Yesterday, I was randomly looking through my Bible for inspiration to help someone else and God dropped a bombshell that was just what I needed to remind myself that even though I might not entirely love the craziness of this summer, I am still called to plant and garden and pray. It was soul therapy.

1 year ago

Several years ago my husband and I were on an anniversary getaway. I was wrestling to surrender and trust God in an area He was laying His finger on. I asked God for a tangible sign that He was with me in the journey-specifically a large intact seashell. On the morning we were leaving, we saw a huge shell tumbling in the surf. It has been my “God is with me; He sees” shell ever since.

Janelle Glick
1 year ago

my hammock, under any leaf-ed tree is my symbol Divine Rest. (And I’m so puffing eager to take up your book into my hands!)

1 year ago

My audio Bible app, in this stage of toddlers and painful church issues, a desperation for God to speak but difficulty in sitting long enough to ponder, has been life giving. He showed up in Galatians and Malachi and surprised me.

Lynae Thiel
1 year ago

When we alwere on our trip things kept going “wrong” but we ended up getting the better end of the deal every time. I just felt so cared for and felt deeply that God wanted me to be so refreshed and rejuvenated after it. It was a magical experience like I never had before!

1 year ago

Birds! Birds became a symbol of God’s protection and peace for me years ago in the aftermath of my shattered health.

Jessica Johnson
1 year ago

When a door firmly closed, another opened to something far better than I was expecting. The journey hasn’t been easy, but to sit still and see where God leads is truly amazing! Sometimes it’s the look back that shows how far you’ve come!

1 year ago

Today my 4 yr old daughter begged me to come to her tea party. I decided the “important” things can wait. She politely told me how she baked the cupcakes and where she bought the tea pot. We had a lovely time n she was so innocently beautiful. He kindness reminded me of God’s good gifts.

Anna St.
1 year ago

Our home was clearly provided by God in His timing when we desperately needed it. Living in it is a great way to be reminded often of this blessing.

1 year ago

My trees. I have planted so many trees the last few years. So many of them I think have died when rabbits eat them, or they freeze or the deer use them to polish antlers. And then they come back. And are fine. They just grow extra stems for the rabbits this time. I’m learning not to give up on them, and to trust that God’s made them (and me!) strong.

1 year ago

Streams in the desert.

1 year ago

A blessing to us was a house opening up on the street behind our house that was purchased for our parents (at a great price!). They were ready to downsize and this nearly new house (after sitting empty for a year) hit our radar right after the price had dropped (again). We got them moved in and a year later Daddy went to be with Jesus. My mom can still live independently but she’s close enough to walk to but enough trees between to have privacy for both of us.

Anna Nisley
1 year ago

Campfires in the summer and a fire in the fireplace during winter. It’s a time to gather at end of a long day but here, now, my family is together and all is right with the world. God is Gracious.

Nat J
1 year ago

It all falling into place to buy a plane ticket to see my family….God cares about giving us hope and something to look forward to!

1 year ago

Heart shaped rocks are the souvenirs I collect wherever I go.. always a reminder that He is my rock and my salvation.

1 year ago

A teardrop prism dancing in the sunlight.

1 year ago

After many setbacks and discouragements on our adoption journey- a kind, gracious, Christian social worker has been such a blessing to me.

1 year ago

For me it’s some fresh cut flowers in all of their glorious impracticality.

1 year ago

God repeatedly lets me see a shooting star just when I need to hear an “I love you” from Him!

1 year ago

An impromptu drink on the front porch with a friend when 2 other friends also stopped in for random visits. We all had time to sit and all had been desiring a chat. Seemed like both human kindness and divine provision.

1 year ago

Volunteer sunflowers in my garden, just started to bloom. I picked a glorious one with giant leaves that I put in a vase to take to the church picnic tonight.

Marlese Anderson
1 year ago

The stars on a clear night.

1 year ago

Once through a very difficult journey, my husband and I were encouraged to get away for a couple days. Dear church brothers reached out, and shared to the extent that our trip was paid! How unworthy we felt of such love and care!!! And very definitely, we felt God’s goodness and care through them!!!
Its amazing how small things like the person in the line in front of you paying for your order can brighten and bless your day! This has happened to me more than once! Or a caring friend in the time of struggle… you can’t put a price tag on that!
Looking forward to reading your book!

1 year ago

My sister’s family is visiting from TN, and thanks to my brother in law, I have a new bathroom floor tonight! So happy.. and it’s such a blessing!

Grace Lapp
1 year ago

A very vocal mocking bird who has been singing around our place day and night. I get irritated when his singing hinders sleep but the cheerful music is therapeutic in tough trauma parenting days.

Beth Freed
1 year ago

Tonight the moon is beautiful, big and bright! During the day, the white, puffy clouds floating in a perfectly clear, blue sky all speak of my Creator who provides all this beauty!
O let me nere forget,
That tho the wrong seems oft so strong,
God is the ruler yet!!
This is my Father’s world,
The battle is not done,
Jesus, who died, shall be satisfied,
And earth and Heaven be one!

1 year ago

Wild roses and honeysuckle in mass profusion along our road…fragrance and abundance beyond words.

1 year ago

A sister bringing a delicious home cooked meal during crazy busy greenhouse season so my family could actually sit down to a normal meal and not have to grab whatever we could find….

1 year ago

A little getaway, just for the day, with two of my best friends. The sweet time of encouragement and laughter and memory making was just what I needed!

Rose Brubacher
1 year ago

A beautiful meadow with weeping willows and a stream- the perfect place to connect with God while alone for an hour.

Shelly Eberly
1 year ago

Frogs. Because of the acronym Fully Rely On God

Regina Shea
1 year ago
Reply to  Shelly Eberly

Love that!????

1 year ago

Rain…. Warm refreshing rain pouring down as I turn my face upwards. It’s a reminder that God washes me clean and pours out “showers of blessings”, I just need to stand in the flow.

1 year ago

Rainbows…… I have been amazed how many times they have showed up at critical points in my personal journey. Too many times to be coincidental!! Times of uncertainty, hopelessness, crises of faith….. How the quiet constancy of the cycles of nature spoke so personally to me is a marvel that both humbles and strengthens me!

Betty Schlabach
1 year ago

The lowly penny…and the inscribed words “in God we trust” Many times I have found a dropped penny. In parking lots. In grocery stores. In unexpected places. Sometimes the penny is shiny. Sometimes it is dull and grimy with age. But always I stoop pick it up and say “in God we trust.” Many times this happens in times of need. Other times it’s a day brighter. But always my heart is turned to God, and I am grateful for the reminder that He knows me. He cares.

1 year ago

My preteen boys pausing to hold the door open for me… I know, I know – this should be a deeply ingrained, trained in habit; but it just doesn’t seem to come naturally and it always warms my heart when they do it voluntarily.

1 year ago

My friend going above and beyond to prepare a meal for us while I had some dietary restrictions for the needs of my baby. I felt so seen and loved.

Christy Beynon
1 year ago

Squirt and fruit! 🙂 My favorite story from my childhood about God’s provision happened when I was a teenager, maybe 15 or 16. My dad was a pastor, and sometimes that meant tough financial times for us growing up. At one particular rough patch, we had buckled down to just purchasing the bare necessities. That meant no pop (soda) for my dad, who loved Squirt. (I don’t even know if they still make that kind of pop!) It also meant no expensive fruit for my sister (like kiwi or raspberries.) I distinctly remember a family prayer time during this rough patch when my mom asked the Lord to provide abundantly above what we could ask or imagine. Somehow, that week, an unopened and undamaged 2 liter of Squirt literally rolled down our driveway. I don’t remember who found it, but I remember my mom crying and laughing and thanking the Lord. It was silly – we didn’t need it – but it was such a gift to know the Lord cared about even little things. (We surmised that, if an angel hadn’t brought it directly, maybe someone’s groceries were in the back of their truck and it rolled out.) Then, within a day or two of that amazing gift, our neighbors had a big party of some sort and had all kinds of amazing fruit leftover. They didn’t want it to go bad, so they gave it to us – and it included all of my sister’s favorites, like kiwi and raspberries. God doesn’t always provide exactly what we want, but these two moments solidified in my mind that He certainly does provide what we need and KNOWS what we want. 🙂

1 year ago

Working with hurting people can be stressful and the grief and pain of losing a child sometimes just can feel like a burden too great to bear. My husband i felt overwhelmed with life. That is when our churched stepped in and sent us away for a weekend to an air bnb along a lake. They took over any responsibilities we had to make it possible as well as sent food along to feed us. We were blessed beyond words. God met us in such a beautiful way, through our church family, in our spiritual valley.

1 year ago

Oh, it’s so encouraging to read these!! Last week I told my husband I was longing for a hammock. Within the next day or two as I put in my grocery order, I noticed they had pretty hammocks for a low price and my man said, “Get it!” So I’ve been enjoying it with my children and basking in God’s thoughtfulness.

Abigail Heatwole
1 year ago

A pomegranate.

A Mom
1 year ago

My baby holding tightly to my fingers. A tangible and nearly daily reminder portraying how I can cling to my Father.

1 year ago

Sunrise, a bird’s song, a lost feather

1 year ago

A question instead of a comment–you’re only selling directly to local buyers? I’ve been planning for a year to order an autographed copy from you!

1 year ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

No problem, Shari. I’ll just have to rearrange my mind and order off that impersonal Amazon after all. If the tables were reversed I wouldn’t want the hassle of shipping orders either!

1 year ago

It always feels so funky to me to admit this, but I’m 27 and I’ve never bought myself body wash. As a teacher, I can’t always afford the luxuries, but thanks to the gifts of other people, I always have a stash of great-smelling body wash or soap on hand. Currently, I have enough to last for the next 2 years or more.

1 year ago

An answered prayer!!!

1 year ago

Trees against the sky. Bare black limbs outlined with dusky twilight. Full green leaf on summer blue. Darkly distant rows on a misty rainy morning. Beauty in every season.

Regina Shea
1 year ago

Congratulations Shari! I’m gonna confess, when no was is looking, I eat peanut butter out of the container. And it must be Jif peanut butter.
Many years ago when our family was going through a rough time we had this “angel” who would leave groceries, school and craft supplies etc on our porch swing. Well one time, I had gone to the store because I needed a few things including black pepper. Well I had gotten everything but black pepper. I’m sure everyone can relate to going to the market for one thing but leave the store with everything but one you originally went there for. Anyway, the next morning our angel again left us groceries, more craft supplies and at the bottom in one of the bags was a can of black pepper! No salt which I already had plenty of. But black pepper. I told my husband our house was bugged. To this day, I don’t know who this angel is. My girls found out accidentally because one of het children spilled the beans and my daughters, who are now adults won’t tell me.

Ruth E. Yoder
1 year ago

Earlier this summer I admitted to a neighbor lady that I was having a hrd day. Later that same day she came by with a beautiful blooming hanging basket for me – now a constant reminder to me of God caring for me thru my “with skin” friends!

Keren E
1 year ago

Sunsets and sunrises, coffee with a friend, mountains.

1 year ago

An encouraging, happy phone call from a random friend on a very hard day when I needed to feel that Jesus loves me, and that the decisions we’d had to make regarding our future were the right ones. There have been hard days since, but remembering that conversation has helped those days be better than that day was.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cmg

Friends who bring cookies, flowers, and a hug, and who listen with sympathy, good advice, and tissues at a major life change.