Ordinary miracles

My name is Shari and I come from a weekful of green and gold.

My children finished school for the summer, in a burst of field events and potlucks and last things. That little kangaroo in blue on the right is mine. I honestly can’t remember if she even placed in this race; I was just so proud of her.

And this is also mine, finishing his 5K while his dad runs alongside for the killer hill.

My church ladies planned and hosted a long-awaited springtime brunch to discuss the Bread and Wine book, for those who chose to read it prior to Easter. The food was exquisite, the conversation lively. I was brought closer to Jesus and to my beautiful local friends. I can’t describe how blessed I am to be in relationship and community with this set of women. They challenge my mind, change my heart, affirm the work of Christ in me, reshape who I am.

Anita’s lovely puff pastry desserts
Piper’s amazing quiche with caramelized onions, pepper bacon, asparagus, tomatoes
Italian sodas, and Anna’s berry almond parfaits with homemade lemon curd

And by the way, I can’t take credit for this, but if you ever want to do a really fun drink bar, check out these delicious homemade syrups for Italian sodas. My friend Carla found the recipes and I made blueberry sage, strawberry basil, and pineapple mint. They use real fruit, citrus juices, fresh herbs, honey. I hadn’t gotten into sparkling water until now, but I’m hooked.

And then in other news, our five-star cat mama did her thing again, birthing and caring for her kittens in secret, then bringing them to the porch to present to us on the stroke of four weeks old. There are three, all males, darlings. They are getting lots of time in little hands these days.

Mother’s Day came, and my family cooked me a surprise breakfast – and gave me the loveliest gifts and cards, including a wok, which I have greatly wished for, and a precious note from a certain son at boys’ camp.

I spent time with my own mom and my family, eating and talking and laughing.

And I got a string of texts from the mother of the children we gave back three months ago. We hear from her nearly every week, though she rarely asks anything of us. Happy Mother’s Day. Would you be willing to keep the children for the day tomorrow? And then go out for dinner with us? So that was what happened Monday, sweeter than I can say. I feel the kind of gratitude that makes one limp and weepy. If I’m honest, I did not think even God could redeem some of these stories, but he can. And he is.

We are living in a green and golden world, experiencing the miracle of relationships.

Green for growth and gold for dearness.

I am rich.

How is Jesus blessing your ordinary life this springtime?

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4 years ago

I’m so glad you’re finding redemption for those hard things! And green is so healing in itself! And gold- if it’s sunshine! 🙂

4 years ago

Love this post! Jenny is really growing up, I need to see her again! 😉 That brunch…wow, it all looks amazing! Sure wish I could taste that quiche, sounds delicious! Never had an Italian soda…but I might need to try one now. I think of you often & miss you! Xoxo
P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to one of the best!

4 years ago

I’m just smiling! ❤️❤️❤️

Kendra Sensenig
4 years ago


4 years ago

My spring was just extraordinarily blessed by the surprise visit of a close friend from 1,200 miles away! Such a blessing!!

4 years ago

The gold moments for me were the honesty and love and beauty around the brunch table, and then holding your girl and her kitty. ❤️
It was an exquisite weekend!

MaryAnn Cauthen
4 years ago

Very up lifting Your words & pictures left me with the “warm fuzzies!” Thanks.

4 years ago

just beautiful.

The pics of the brunch are a little bittersweet for me, but I’m so thrilled that we get to share the same people IRL.

Danette Martin
4 years ago

Beautiful post and pics. Thank you for sharing. Jesus is blessing my ordinary life with glimpses of my newborn (first) grandchild, Seth. A two-and-a-half-week-old can look so alert and wise already!

4 years ago

How amazing for you to stay connected to a bio mom! Bless you!
Our recent miracle was the opportunity to care for two foster children for 8 days. The beauty and the drama was all mixed together but on Sunday I received a dear “Happy Mother’s Day” text with pictures of roses from their bio mom. Your blog posts certainly get credit for that. Thank you 🙂
The second miracle was having supper unexpectedly with a trauma therapist who shared her story of grief with me. I am a blessed woman.

Twila Beachy
4 years ago

Dear Shari, I really enjoy reading your blogs & would love to correspond with you!!! However our filter will not let us, we use emypeople & want to change filters in the near future. My reason for wanting to correspond , is my heart was touched when i saw you have a son at Bald Eagle Boys camp. My heart has often wept when i read about your son & your pain. You see, I too have a son , Louis Beachy at Team Boys Ranch in Dadeville, Mo. He has been there since Dec 2018. I would so LOVE to talk to a mother who’s in similar shoes, someone who can relate! If you’d rather not that’s ok too. God has done a miraculous work in Louis’ life, yet there are days when the pain of missing him is so intense, & there’s such a cycle of mixed emotions! I have to laugh & sometimes cry when I read your blogs. The only way i know to connect is through email. I am using a friend’s computer to do this.If you’re not comfortable with this , that’s fine too. God bless you richly , Shari, & wrap His arms of comfort around you!!!! I will keep you in my prayers! With Love, Twila Beachy Bastrop TX

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