On trash cans

Confession: I am convinced that trash cans are nothing more or less than places of concealment.

The success of every great mother hinges on her surreptitious disposal of certain—er, unnecessary goods.

Likewise the success of every great wife!

Now I wonder what The Boss would say about that…

I like calling him The Boss, though I know I will soon tire of the handle and lay it aside. It makes me feel pleasantly Voskamp.

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Mom Coblentz
11 years ago

What did you throw away now?…holey socks? Tsk, tsk…what WILL he say?

Ruthie Schrock
11 years ago

Shari: “Top of the morning to you!” I like when you say ‘The Boss’. Reminds me of ‘The Farmer’ too.

11 years ago

Concealment and Disposal are two separate words around here. See, I can conceal things in the trash can for a short period of time, until my “boss” is disposing of the trash bag, and says, “What’s this in here for?” Rats! I’m found out!

Mama Zook
11 years ago

My man has so many handles, I’m never sure quite which one to call him, “the Teacher” is his latest, altho he was that also for nineteen years prior to the past fourteen when he was “the Carpenter”, “the Transit Driver”, and always a “part-time Farmer”!! (Besides being “the Deacon”, who also becomes “the Preacher” on occasion)
BTW, “the Teacher” is a better disposer than his wife! Altho when we look and look for something that’s missing, for some reason I always get the feeling that he thinks I’ve disposed of it unintentionally! I’ve been known to do this!! He is now looking for his passport and his Social Security card! Believe me, I hope I didn’t throw them out!

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